August 18, 2000

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Latino Activist Supports G. W. Bush

I am an active voter writing in support of George W. Bush's campaign for President of the United States. He is a man uniquely qualified to serve in the White House. He has displayed insight and leadership in proposing reforms which will bring higher standards and accountability to our schools, keep the federal budget balanced, eliminate the marriage penalty on taxpayers, assisting every working family in America to acquire health insurance, and preserve and protect Social Security for our current and future retirees.

I encourage other voters to support George W. Bush and to help him to work to make our country truly prosperous. He is working to make sure the America dream touches every willing heart.

Dr. Josh Valdez
Latino Activist
Los Angeles, Ca.

Hollywood Motivation for Violence

A made for TV movie, is only the latest episode in the Hollywood "pot" calling everyone else's "kettle" black. Hollywood's hypocrisy is exceeded only by its depravity. Countless scientific studies have shown that Hollywood is not only the motivation for much of the violence today but provides the scripts for it as well. Yet Hollywood remains mostly immune from the king of justice the publisher of "Hit Man" faced.

Perhaps if "deliberate Intent" had been published as a novel, then snapped up by a Hollywood studio, it would have been immune. After all, then it would have only been "entertainment".

M. Hoff
San Diego, Ca.

Current Board is a Disaster

First we voted to change the materials on an awarded contract that raises the cost to more than the legal 10 percent contract change order limit. Then we find out that our vote didn't matter since the new materials were already ordered and delivered. Then we find out that none of this had been discussed with the Citizen's MM Oversight committee. And now I find that we know to specify better flooring materials in the march Contract.

Now I find that the superintendent's staff has agreed that the contractors can have tile installers FLOWN IN TO SAN DIEGO from all over the country AT OUR EXPENSE AND HAVE THEIR HOTEL, AND MEALS, AND OTHER EXPENSES REIMBURSED BY PROP MM. On top of that they are going to get the schools ready for opening of school. Another emergency... another day!

What a disaster! And the board is responsible! Some of us just keep making excuses!

John De Beck
San Diego Unified School District Board Of Trustees
San Diego, Ca.

Present Politicos Don't Want Term Limits

Term limits must be viewed in a historical context. George Washington set in motion two terms for a president, by precedent, which became our law by custom until President Roosevelt ran and was elected four terms to the Office of President.

The republicans instituted a two-term limit for the Office of President. Their greatest fear was that another democratic president would emulate this again. No one is indispensable in public office; I have seen presidents die, assassinated and/o or removed from office.

California voters mandated this law into political reality. If, we return to the previous political mode, then the incumbents by virtue of being in office have higher ID, money and power to remain; until death do us part. "Cambio" of public servants returns to us to the authentic meaning of democracy. Democracy in itself holds that there is a body of wisdom within the people themselves. Certainly the present generation of political midgets wishes to remain with us. None of us would want Pedro Wilson, Pam Slater, Stalling or Stalin Golding for more than two terms at best.

Juarez said it all when he was asked by his aide, "Why are we fighting Maximiliano?" Isn't he a `buen hombre'? Juarez replied, "Si". Isn't he a progressive Rey? Juarez said "Si". The problem with Reyes, no hay cambio."

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego, Ca.

National City Employs Veiled Racial Discrimination!

Thank you for informing our community about the ongoing problem of vehicles being sized and impounded by the National City Police Department. It's well known that the overwhelming number of vehicles being taken in National City is from peaceful drivers most of whom are minorities. The Municipal Leadership within National City has chosen to exercise a cold and thinly veiled mode of racial discrimination against visitors and residents alike.

La Prensa's recent editorial piece about the subject, by Mr. Terry Hanks was very moving. After reading the editorial I felt it needful to sit down and cordially speak with National City's Mayor George Waters. At the meeting the Mayor and I discussed the countywide concern regarding the stopping of so many minority drivers and the subsequent impounding of their vehicles. The Mayor was informed that many of these minority individuals desperately need their cars and trucks for transportation to and from school and work. He was told about the basic rights that all persons should have within his or any other city. Mayor Waters responded by letting me known he was well aware the city could choose to write appropriate citations for the vehicle violations and give verbal warning instead of removing cars and truck from their owners.

Why hasn't he chosen this more civil less punitive route? Well this was unclear. But what is very clear is a need for human consciousness and positive change within National City. On the weekend after Mayor Waters was spoken to about the community's concern, the city's police department seized 19 more vehicles. What this means was that more than a dozen Hispanic young people had to struggle for means of transportation to and from their school or work.

What is now taking place in National City is a perversion of justice and a mockery of the protections given within the constitution against unlawful searches and seizures. These stops and seizures of properties and goods would never be heard of in more affluent demographic areas such as La Jolla, Del Mar, or Carlsbad. But they are occurring in National City; they are specifically aimed at Hispanics, and are harmfully oppressive to the freedoms and livelihoods of our sons, daughters and hardworking family members.

May I express to your paper that this persecution of peaceful individuals should shake all persons to their core. What is taking place in National City is a tragic disregard for true justice and borders on the "legal" extortion of innocent people. The time is now for us as a countrywide community to come against this plague of human injustice. We need to stand firmly together and let it be clearly known that all persons deserve to be treated equally and properly under the law. This generation of young and old will peacefully exercise the rights God has allowed them.

A casual 1-hour Unity Meeting will be held at Eucalyptus Park 4th & `C' St. Chula Vista at 6pm Sunday August 27th. All concerned persons are strongly encouraged to attend. The possibility of a protest and boycott against the City and the discrimination within National City will be openly discussed. For more information call (619) 427-5456.

Virgil Piña
National City
The Alliance for Non Discrimination
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