August 18, 2000


It's Gore/Lieberman VS Bush/Cheney

The horses are on the track and the race is about ready to begin. As usual the odd-makers are having a field day. Their racing forms however are a little murky and they are having a little bit of trouble setting the odds. Some of them think that a young, 3 year old, Texas bred, "GWBush," running in the Eighth Race, though not really tested in a high stake race, might just pull out an upset. She has good legs, but folks are not too sure she can go at full bore in the 1 1/16 mile race. Though bred to run on grass, there is some question whether the 3-year-old "GWBush" can go the distance on the dirt track. Going for her is her pedigree and the fact that "JetBush" a renowned stud horse sired her.

`Old Geezer,' her jockey, may be the determining factor in this race. Oftentimes by the 6 furlongs, the jockey can make the big difference on who is the winner. "Old Geezer" has been around the track a few times but hasn't ever been on a high stake race such as this one. The odds are 8-5 on this race.

The Bookies are favoring the 5 year old Tennessee bred "AlGore," a good sprinter who ran a fast 1 mile race on turf at his last outing. His pedigree might be a little suspect. But he has improved of late and comes off a good showing in his last distance race. To help "AlGore" run his best race, his trainer indicates he will place blinkers on him in this race. He has the pedigree to improve with distance. He recently hasn't shown his best but deserves the edged based on his sharp wins in the past. Look for `Lieberman,' at 122 lbs to use the whip to turn back any challenge from "GWBush." The Racing Form picks "ALGore" with odds at 3-1.

Long shot "GWBUSH" at 30-1

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