August 17, 2001


The Results Are In On the San Diego School District and They are BAD!

Superintendent Alan Bersin and his running mate Chancellor of Instruction Anthony Alvarado have been blown to smithereens by their own petard. They swore by their instructional program, yet the results from the Stanford 9 test indicate that the Bersin and Alvarado duo has failed drastically. The children under their administration FAILED MISERABLY. District high schools showed very little improvement and in some cases their performance worsened, even after the state and federal governments spent millions of additional monies to improve their education.

Somewhere along the line, Bersin and Alvarado figured that firing or removing many of our principals and school aides and engaging in a demoralizing battle against the teachers was the thing to do. Worst of all, the mighty Alan and Anthony duo somehow decided that eliminating all parent input and assistance would make geniuses of all elementary school children. With teachers in revolt, parents protesting at school sites and daily barrages of bad publicity, the deadly duo forged ahead, supported by a majority (three members) of the five-member board of trustees. They squandered monies to carry out their educational pipe-dreams, phantom educational reforms concocted by our imported Chancellor of Instruction, who was foisted on California by New Yorkers who had had enough of his "genius."

The parents, teachers, administrators and our entire city should state unequivocally NO MAS! Our children have lost two to three years of valuable education time and thousands of them will pay for Alan's folly and Anthony's incompetence.

Superintendent Alan Bersin and Chancellor Anthony Alvarado should do the honorable thing. In the centuries-old, honored tradition of the Japanese ... perhaps they should COMMIT SUPUKO with their own PETARD.

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