August 16 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Ay! Que Vida Loca we have in gay ole San Diego. Lets see Gente, The Alcalde and his hopeless city council just gave away another 1.5 million dollars to CHARGERS OWNER ALEX Spanos. Esto mi Gente, to make up for all the rabid football fans that stayed home instead of paying the outrageous ticket prices to see the rookies practice! Que mamada, WE LA GENTE, the working folks, will be forced to pay, through our taxes for this to support the poor starving owner of the Chargers for eternity!

PREGUNTA: If the politicos can cut off welfare, housing, medical care, food stamps, and assistance to the elderly with out no problema, why can’t they cut off this welfare to multi-millionaire SPANOS???? Don’t rush to answer Mayor Dick. councilpersons persons Peters, Wear, Atkins, Stevens, Maienschein, Frye, Madaffer, and In-zun-za. (Only 10 zillion voters would like an answer.)

A todo dar, Presidente Fox! Al fin a Presidente de Mejico stood up to the Texas Cowboy style of justice that exemplifies USA humanitarianism. Isn’t it strange that 3rd world countries are now making the case against us for brutality to other human beings?

Quien es, who are the terrorists in this world now??

For those of you with ‘ojos chiclosos’ who noted a few typos in last week’s paper…Pos, que les digo? Es falta de advertisement for making dinero to hire proofreaders. You would be surprised at how few of us get this enchilada, called La Prensa San Diego, together. Es labor de amour! But Gracias to Maria Delgado, Berenice Cisneros, Paco Zavala, Erika Montes, Gabriel, & Daniel Jr. Muñoz, the job gets done. Pero getting the reporting done is another story.

MAPA, or lo que pasa como MAPA, will hold an endorsing convention (?) in Los Angeles. This Saturday. The usual suspects will show up and make believe that it all means something. En la politica what counts, in today’s’ Corporate sponsored elections, es DINERO! With that you can buy most politicians, yes, if Raza politicos. DINERO is something in short supply with MAPA.

One of our Chicana Adelitas told this Indio that “maybe we ought to think GREEN!” No, not like in dollars but as in GREEN PARTY! Hay un conejito, named Peter Camejo, is stirring up the political pot in Califas Governor’s race. Who ever thought the PAN’istas could defeat the PRI’istas? Keep your ojos open for la nueva Onda! There may be another choice besides a DONKEY or ELEPHANT in the race. Maybe a little CONEJITO will surprise them, just as in Mejico a wily Fox outmaneuvered a stodgy Dinosaur!

MEMO to KSWB 5/69: Adriana Alcaraz presence is noted. Tezzy will tell el Jefito or she can, as the newcomer on the block, give him una llamada!

Chao hasta la otra mis Amigos


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