August 16 2002

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Little to See, Last Sunday in Tijuana

According to correspondent Gary Sloan, last Sunday’s bullfight card in Tijuana was rather a ho-hummer. Mariano Ramos, Rogelio Leduc, and Ismaél Gómez “Mayito” encountered a herd of bulls from Monte Verde, which didn’t make an impressive showing.

With his first bull, Mariano Ramos accomplished nothing in the first act. And, in the third act, although the bull took a defensive queréncia next to the barrera, Ramos extracted a few good passes. He had troubles with the sword.

With his second opportunity, again there was nothing to applaud in the first act. But, with the muleta, Ramos showed us some of that old Mariano Magic and gave a very good third act, almost entirely on the left. But, once again, bad luck with the steel cost him awards.

Rogelio Leduc bid farewell to the rings, but had little to show for it. With his first bull, he invested some of his patented hair raising cape work, giving 11 lances in a variety of configurations. His faena was unplanned, but very brave. He was applauded. With his second, Rogelio couldn’t accomplish much, either with the cape or muleta, he placed a good sword and was awarded a farewell ear. After “Las Golondrinas” was played by the band, there was a pigtail cutting ceremony in the center of the ring.

As usual, Mayito drew the two best bulls, but accomplished little. His cape work was nil with his first bull, but he placed three strong pairs of banderillas. Then came a less than successful faena, made even more difficult because the matador kept bringing up the head of the bull. After placing a great sword, one ear was cut. He accomplished little with his second bull and heard one warning aviso.

All in all, not a very good day.



Mexican novillero Marcial Herce made his formal Spanish debut in Moto del Cuervo, Toledo, Aug. 12, winning an ear from each of his bulls. He left the plaza on shoulders.


With 67 corridas to his credit in 2002, Julian López “El Juli” leads all matadores in number of actions. Of those, 13 were in first category plazas. Finito, with 57 afternoons, occupies second position, while “El Cordobés” is in third place. Number one among rejoneadores is Fermín Bohórquez.


Nine ears were cut during an afternoon of rejoneadores, Tuesday, in Barza (Jaén). Nearly a full plaza greeted bulls of Flores Tassara. All but one of the bulls, the first, were very good. Flores Tassara drew the bad bull was applauded. Fermín Bohórquez won two ears; Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza won three ears and a tail; and Alvaro Montes earned four ears and a tail.


This coming weekend, in Monterrey, David Silveti will perform, and Bullfight World Editor Lyn Sherwood will be on hand to see the action.When asked who else, besides Silveti, would perform, Sherwood said, “With David Silveti on the card, who cares who else is there?”

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