August 16 2002

Proposition 52 Backers Lose in Court

Judge Rejects Desperate Attempt to Scuttle Opponents’ Ballot Arguments

In another blow to the Proposition 52 campaign, Judge Talmadge Jones of the Sacramento Superior Court this afternoon rejected a desperate attempt by the backers of Prop. 52 to throw out large portions of the opponents’ ballot arguments.

Judge Jones’ decision today means that ballot arguments against Proposition 52 signed by Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully, and Citizens and Law Enforcement Against Election Fraud CO-Chair Sharon runner will be contained in the ballot pamphlet printed by the Secretary of Sate. Also, the rebuttal to the argument in favor of Proposition 52 signed by the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, Women Prosecutors of California and Kern county district Attorney Ed Jagels will also be printed.

“Judge Jones today validated the first amendment and struck down a desperate move by the proponents of Prop. 52 to stifle the free speech of some of California’s top law enforcement officials who oppose the flawed initiative.” said Dave Gilliard, the consultant running the “No on 52 campaign. “The judge also confirmed on of our most important points - the fact that junk mail is one of the forms of ID considered valid under Proposition 52.”

“Law enforcement is solid in its opposition to this initiative because it will lead to widespread election fraud. The proponents of 52 are desperate to keep that a secret, so they went to court and they lost - big time,” said Gilliard.

“Proposition 52 will undermine the integrity of California elections and make it impossible to successfully prosecute election fraud. That is why law enforcement, elections officials and the California State Association of Counties oppose it,” concluded Gilliard.

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