August 15, 2003

San Diego’s Only Women’s Riding Drill Team Seeks Funds to Represent U.S. in Worldwide Competition

The San Diego’s only women’s horseback riding drill team, “Las Golondrinas” will represent the United States of America at the “Congreso Nacional Charro” in Lagos de Morelos in Jalisco, Mexico. “Las Golondrinas” is made up of ten local young women who ride traditional side saddle dressed in colorful dresses and traditional charro hats. Congreso Nacional Charro will involve horse riding teams from different counties.

In order to make the journey, the group must first raise money to pay for their expenses, which include airfare, accommodations and most important, the transportation of their horses. As with any type of competitive sport, there is a cost involved. In order for these young ladies to reach their goal representing The United States of America, they must raise most of their funds and solicit sponsorships.

The team has been competing at various local, regional and statewide competitions. Most recently, winning second place in the statewide competition in Pico Rivera, CA and at Bakersfield, CA for the region wide competition.

For further information on making a donation or on the team, please contact Araceli Ortega de Flores, founder and instructor of the Escaramuza Charra from San Diego “Las Golondrinas” @ 836 14th St. San Diego, CA 92154 or (619) 423-0171 home (619) 235-4507 work.

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