August 13, 2004

¡Horale Gente! Only two months plus 9 days and the Election will be upon us! With el Pueblo de Tijuas now in the hands of the PRI’stas we can’t afford to have nuestro Pueblo de San Diego fall in the hands of our own “Right Wing” PRI’stas! Pues let just see what our own homegrown Republicanos are saying:


From Sylvia Rios, E- mail, she claims Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Edward Kerry and his wife, Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry are supporting the “Barrio Warriors” a supposable radical Hispanic group whose primary goal is to return all of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico! My, my Sylvia, for a person who claims ancient Aztec roots how did you sell that piece of misinformation to your Republican friends? Better yet, are you the latest incarnation of la Malenchi?


PREGUNTA: Just who are the “ Barrio Warriors”?


Our very own Mayor Dick Murphy will talk to the Rancho Bernardo Republican Women on the 24th of August. He is going to do something he has never done for the citizens of San Diego...He is going to present his vision for San Diego’s future. Should be interesting, more like the blind leading the blind! San Diegans have been waiting for nearly eight years for the Mayors vision of anything! Republicans getting desperate when they break out the Mayor as their SPEAKER ON VISION of anything!


Attorney Mike Aguirre Must be shaking in his boots. His opponents Leslie Devaney will be having an “Evening in Italy” September 11th, at an Italiano restaurant by the name of “Simple Italian”, located in “Little Italy”. It is rumored that the Italian Dons will be there. Something wrong here Leslie is being supported by the Right Wing Republicans!!! Oh, they want you to cough up $150-$250 to enter and eat your Pizza!

CAMBIO DE PASO: For all of Tezzy’s Gringo friends that means “for a change of pace”... El Jefe received a notice from Norma Cázares that a Dia de La Raza Tardeada will be held Saturday, Oct. 9, 2004, from 1:00-5:00 P.M. at U.C.S.D, La Jolla California. The occasion to celebrate an historical event: The U.C.S.D. acquisition of the Herman Baca Archives. The collection will be permanently housed at the UCSD Geisel Special Collections Library. The Archives will be made available to students, educators, “historians, researchers and the community at large! THE Herman Baca Archives are the only comprehensive collection of documents chronicling over 35 years of San Diego County’s Movimiento. The Committee on Chicano Rights has finally earned its rightful –place in the history of “El Movimiento”! The special celebration will be a “todo dar”! For further info, Norma Cázares may be reached at (619) 422-0432 or



PREGUNTA: How long is the “ONION” going to be hyping Arnold Schwarzenegger? All the hype doesn’t mean anything. He still just another playboy movie person who lives in an unreal world where we are treated like 3rd class citizens, even if we founded this country and were here 350 years before the English arrived with their boat load of misfits. Kind of strange isn’t it, that Arnold hasn’t been able to change his Germanic ways of speaking what you trying to say Guv? Habla Ingles or not?


Adios Councilman Charles Lewis, We know how tough life was for you. Being Black is not an easy burden to carry all your life. Being any color other than white is to carry the burden of the cross on your back and soul all your life. Adios Charles, we shall see each other in another life. God sees no color. Perhaps, we shall all find peace then.

Pregunta: When are the “Boca’s Grandes of the Copley Press going to stop trying to force “ENLACE” down our throats? Give it up. We all know Enlace is just a mouthpiece for the Union. It has nothing to talk to our people about. Why doesn’t the Union Tribune for once try to meet its responsibilities to the citizens of the County? The Union may not like La Prensa San Diego.... but, acknowledge the fact that for 28 years, we have provided a voice to a large segment of the population that has no voice in the pages of the Union Tribune. Enlace is a bastard child of the Union Trib. And can never be anything else.


P.S. This not to deny that from time to time Union Tribune Staffers have extended a helping hand knowing the financial burden that La Prensa has suffered in its struggle to give a voice to the Mexican American community of San Diego. La Prensa San Diego appreciates your morale and professional concerns for the importance of having a free press in our country. La Prensa will continue to do its best for the sake of our heritage.

Adios por ahora


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