August 12, 2005

City Attorney Miguel Aguirre esta tirando trancazos contra the City Manager Lamont Ewell and his gusanos who have managed to turn San Diego into the laughing stock of the Nation! Way to go Miguel. Do yourself a favor Mr. Ewell and go home!

You notice how the daily ONION is always attacking our City Attorney, Mike Aguirre?

Armando Navarro, Univ. Of California, Riverside Professor was defamed by State Senator Bill Morrow (R) who charged him with assaulting his Assistant at a rally against the minuteman project. They must have been listening to Roger Hedgecock who doesn’t know one Mexican American from another! Doctor Navarro was holding classes in Riverside at the supposed time he was attacking Senator Morrow’s Assistant. Get them where it hurts Doctor Navarro, in the pocket book!!

For those of you that like to plan early. Place the LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) “Annual Christmas in October” Annual Toy Fundraiser “Tardeada” on your calendar. The event is set for Sunday Oct. 16, 2005 2:00pm-6:00pm. For those that like to dance to a real band as opposed to a DISCO, “Mosaico” Super Latin Band will provide the dancing music! The event will take place at “Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall #244, located at 3848 Centre St., San Diego. Tickets $15.00 per person with a new unwrapped toy! For further details call LULAC 619-423-5014. Reserve your table early!!

With Mexico’s Presidential election up for grabs at the next election you notice how many new Radio and television stations are being bought in the USA by Mexican interests? Good reason, immigrant workers (legal or otherwise) and any Mexican who holds duel citizenship will be able to vote in the next Presidential election. California will be a rich plum for who ever can communicate to the Mexican Citizen voters! Hummmm wonder how many of our Gente we influence?????

Residents in District 8 (Ralph Inzunza’s old district) me dicen, they are being courted by Ralph Inzunza’s family members to protest in support of the Councilman. Most organizations tell El Jefito they have had it with the Inzunza arrogance. Some offended by their efforts as they don’t like being used by them after they have ignored La Gente for quite a while. What goes around comes around!

De lo Social...For those who were involved with the “Mexican and American Foundation of other times. El Jefito wants to inform you about the upcoming marriage of Diana Alicia Gomez to Alejandro Bruce Comerford on Saturday September 17th of 2005. Diana is well known in the Business and Social life of the large Mexican American and Hispanic communities of San Diego and Mexico City, ancestral home of her family. She was well known in the Art world, Horse raising community, for her dedicated participation in assisting the handicap children on both sides of the border and for her complete dedication to making the Mexican and American Foundation work for the betterment of both the Mexican and the American members of the Foundation. Mr. Comerford is from Canada but has known and courted Dina Gomez for over 40 years. He and Diana finally decided to bring their lives together in a communion of Love and togetherness. Buena Suerte in your future life together.

Chao Tezzy

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