August 11, 2000

TEZOZOMOC Speaks....

In case you haven't noticed there are other recognized Parties that are in the process of holding their Conventions and nominating their candidates. The Libertarian Party announced their Presidential and other candidates for the upcoming election. Harry Browne will carry forth their banner. FYI the Libertarian party is the third largest political party with its members holding 166 elective offices. This election there are 236 candidates running for U.S. Congressional House seats. All in all, they have 1500 candidates running for various state and local elections.


Sweetwater Union High School District Trustee Robert Griego announced his bid for a third term on the Board. He will formally throw his sombrero into the ring on Monday August 14, at 5:30p.m. at the steps of the Sweetwater District Administration Center, 1150 Fifth Ave., Chula Vista.


Superior Court Judge Dick Murphy, candidate for Mayor of San Diego, has raised $203,306 for his general election campaign. Candidates are required by City and State law to report the amount of money raised and spent as of June 30. The next reports are due October 5th and October 26.


Assemblywoman Susan Davis (D), candidate for the 49th Congressional District (currently held by Representative Brian Bilbray (R), will be holding a Town Hall Meeting Friday August 11th from 10:00a.m. _11:00 a.m. It will be held at the Bayside Settlement House 2202 Comstock St., Linda Vista. Rep. Richard Gephardt, Minority Leader of the U.S. of Representatives and Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy will be attending.


The Democratic Convention kicks off Monday Aug. 14 and will be in session until Aug. 17. If everything goes off as planned a vote of thanks should go to the DNC Convention team comprised of: Donald J. Foley, Chief Operating Officer; Rod O'Connor, Chief of Staff; Mona Pasquil, Deputy CEO for Community Relations; Lydia Camarillo, CEO of the National Committee; Katrece, CEO for External Affairs; Jeffrey Modisett, Deputy CEO and General Counsel; Lou Vasta, Deputy CEO and Logistics; Annette Avina, Deputy CEO and Director of Finance and Administration; Cindy M. Lott, Deputy General Counsel; Luis Vizcaino, Press Secretary; Travis Berry, Senior Advisor to the Chairman & Director of Special Projects; Cameron Moody, Dep., Director of Logistics; Francisco Garcia-Rodriquez, Director of Business Development; Jaci Wilson, Director of Housing; Liana Schwarz, Director of Special Projects; Gwen Lank-ford, Special Assistant to the Deputy CEO for Community Relations, and Simone M. Green, Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer. Want to reach them? Please call (213) DNC-convention for further info.


Candidate G.W. Bush, compassionate Conservative, does not practiced it in TEXAS. 77 percent of his appointees have gone to whites i.e. WASP, 13 percent have gone to Hispanics and only 9 percent has been given to Black Americans. Only 1 percent has gone to others i.e. Asians.


UNIVISION Communications announced the resignation of Henry Cisneros, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. This came shortly after he was removed from consideration as a Keynote Speaker at the Democratic Convention. The insider info indicates that Cisneros had been very uncomfortable with the Right-Wing slant of the ownership Jerry Perenchio of UNIVISION. The ownership, it was exposed, had been one of the biggest financial contributors to Governor Pete Wilson. Cisneros will now return to San Antonio, Texas, (his home town). He will be going into home building with his recently formed company American City Vista.


Republicans have established a "Victory Headquarters" communications center in Los Angeles. It is across the street from Staples Center where the Democratic Convention will take place. GOP politicians, and other spokes people, will put their spin on what is happening in the Convention Center. They can be reached at (213) 748-6767 or by fax at 213-748-6647.

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