August 11, 2000


Deregulation Not in Best Interest of the Nation

It is now quite clear that deregulation of the gas & electric industry is not in the best interest of San Diego, the county, state or for that fact the nation. It is unconscionable that basic survival needs be deregulated and be open to the machinations of the supposed owners of our natural resources. What is next our water supply?

Leaving the health and basic welfare of this nation's population subject to the greed of the electricity and gas Barons, is an action of pure ignorance. A complete misunderstanding of the nature of capitalism, which is driven by self-interest and incredible greed, is evident. That the California legislature can be so blinded into believing that the business model functions in the best interest of the people indicates that today's politicians have completely forgotten all the abuses that were carried out during the industrial revolution in this country and England. It was not until enlighten government placed strong limitations upon the corporate moguls of that period that changes were made to protect the people from rampant exploitation. The modern example of unbridle exploitation of human beings is that carried out by Agribusiness upon the farm workers.

The problem with placing natural resources such as electricity and gas, that are vital to our survival, is that we have no alternatives that would place some restrained over the greed and abuses that are being carried by the utility providers. What has between demonstrated in California is that the business model is dysfunctional and is a very poor paradigm to run a country by.

The utilities should be under the control of the Federal government in order to protect the national interest. It is our firm belief that gas and electric energy resources should immediately be put under Federal control and the profit motive removed. There should be no ownership by individuals, corporations, or other profit making entities such as stockholders who are driven solely by the profit margin and the bottom line, but are little concerned over the safety and welfare of the nation.

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