August 10, 2001



Ay... ay... ay... Perdón Sarita! Sorry got the dates wrong on your Quinceañera! I should have said it would be on Sábado and not Domingo!... And to all the folks that went on Sunday, Chano says he had plenty of cake to go around plus a few cervezas!! Feliz cumpleaños mi amor. Lydia y Daniel.


Bea Estrada, formidable President of LULAC, and "Horse" Estrada left for `Bush' country to visit La Familia. Keep an eye out for the PREZ Bea... He might mistake you for a heifer instead of just a mean Chicana de Califas! If you run into that dude, ask him how many MexTex boys he has appointed to work on his ranch in Washington D.C.


Things getting a little shaky in "Chuler Vister." Mayor Shirley Horton about to run out of time and will soon have to leave her plush position as de Mayor of the little city by the Bay. Where does a Republican Mayor of a Democratic City full of "Mesicans" do for an anchor? Pues, we can add up the cositas she did for La Raza (don't hold your breath). Or we can list the number of high-level appointments she made from our pool of talented Raza. Or, we can check and see how many Raza businessmen got vendor contracts. Perhaps we can check how many Chicanos were invited to reside in her city jails in the last for years! With 750,000 Mexican Americans IN THIS County... It might be just a little tough for Shirley to dance the right tune. Oh well, she can always go back to work for the developers of the area... They owe her MUCHO!


San Diego's City Council just proved to the world, AGAIN, that if there's a way to screw up a simple task they will find a way to do it!! Come on mental giants (i.e. dwarfs) how hard was it to find seven ethical people in the entire city?? THE ETHICS Committee just appointed has got to be A JOKE! Don't hold your breath San Diegans. If there wasn't any ethical behavior before... there will be less now! The gates have been thrown wide open to rip off the city! THE LAWYERS ARE IN CHARGE, watch out for your wallets!


Uptight Sweetwater folks want to know what ever happened to all the Prop BB monies? Aside from Superintendent (Brand) getting a massive pay raise, an SUV to drive around and a brand new school being built in Otay Mesa, all the other schools are still run down and falling apart!


PREGUNTA: How come Superintendent Brand who runs a school district with only 35,000 students just got voted a pay raise that makes him the highest paid Superintendent in the County??? (Over $190,000 plus perks)... Superintendent Alan Bersin on the other hand is sheep herding over 143,000 students (badly at times) and got voted a pay raise to $165,000 plus a $15,000 bonus! WASS-UP with these elected board of trustees??? Do they think that public schools are listed in the stock market or something??? You guys selling school stock or something???


PREGUNTA: How come school board trustees, who normally earn $30-40,000 per year think little about granting outrageous salaries to their superintendents and other administrators?... Who do they think pays out the monies for these prima donnas? It's you! The taxpayers who are underpaid, underfed and paying half your check out for rent!


La Prensa mourns the passing of Walter "Wally" Porter: Educator, community activist and friend. Rest in Peace my friend. Your struggles are over. Our condolences to Betty, his wife, and the rest of the family. The Black Community has lost a valiant man and a true representative of the African-American people.

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