August 9 2002

Spanish-Speaking Citizens Can Now Register to Vote On-line

Capitol Advantage, a global leader of Internet-based political tools and services, last week made Voter Registration in Spanish available to the sites of the nearly 1,000 associations, corporations, unions, and media organizations that currently rely on the company’s flagship service, CapWiz, to energize their online civic awareness and advocacy efforts.

“We know first hand that working people—regardless of what language they speak—share similar concerns,” says Eliseo Medina, Executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union. “Capitol Advantage has given us a whole new set of tools to help us bridge language barriers and encourage more people to take action to win improvements for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

This capability gives site users quick access to the proper documents for registering to vote in state and federal elections, and tailored instructions on signing and mailing to election authorities. Both forms and instructions are available in Spanish.

“While we earn our keep by working with organizations, in fact it’s the individual citizen who makes the difference in every grassroots effort,” says Robert Hansan, President and CEO of Capitol Advantage and a pioneer in the field. “We in the industry need to do everything we can to encourage individuals to take an interest in public affairs – and that includes the Hispanic community, which historically has lower participation rates than other groups. Voting is the most important civic act, and that’s why we’ve made Voter Registration in Spanish available. We are encouraging our clients to add this feature as a service to their members, employees and site users, and we have activated it already on our own public-access site, Congress.Org. It’s as simple as going to ”

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