August 9 2002

Chula Vista Seeks Volunteers For General Plan Update Steering Committee

The City of Chula Vista is updating its General Plan to set the course for all growth, development and community planning during the next 20 years. To help guide and assist in this effort, the City Council has authorized the formation of a General Plan Steering Committee and three Subcommittees. The City is currently seeking qualified individuals to fill eight positions on the Steering Committee.

Four of the positions will represent four geographic areas of the City: the northwest (north of L Street and west of Interstate 805), the east (east of Interstate 805), and the unincorporated areas (Bonita, Sunnywide). The desirable qualifications for candidates would include residency within the area to be represented (non-city residents would serve as ex-officio, non-voting members); knowledge, experience and/or involvement with community issues unique to the area; and the ability to effectively represent and convey the interests of the residents within their geographic area.

The other four positions will represent key stakeholders in the areas of education, housing, transportation, and finance/real estate. The desirable qualifications for these candidates would include substantial knowledge, experience and/or involvement with issues related to their respective areas of expertise in the city or the south bay. Residency within the city is also desirable for these position; non-residents would serve ex-officio (non-voting).

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide oversight to the General Plan Update process and to build and sustain community leadership for the project. The Committee will also serve as a conduit for sharing information about the issues and perspectives of the diverse interests in the community. In this capacity, the Committee will guide the creation of a common, citywide vision and ensure continued movement towards this common goal.

Anyone interested in serving on the General Plan Update Steering Committee should submit a letter prior to Sept. 10, 2002 to: General Plan Update, Planning and Building Department, 276 Fourth Ave., Chula Vista, CA 91910. Applicant’s letters should indicate the specific position they would like to represent (area resident, education, housing, transportation, or finance/real estate), and list their qualifications.

For more information about the Steering Committee, please contact Ed Batchelder, General Plan Project Manager at (619) 409-5490. For more information about the Chula Vista Vision 2020 - General Plan Update, call the General Plan Update line at 619-409-5486, or visit the General Plan Update section on the city’s Web site at

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