August 9 2002

With Great Expectations and New Initiative, The North County Latinas Association Swear in a New Board of Directors

By America Barcelo Feldman

On July 31st, 2002, the North County Latinas Association (NCLA) welcomed a new board of directors. Since its initiation in 1992, the Association has strived for excellence, by helping to empower the Hispanic community, with major emphasis on helping Latina women develop to the best of their ability.

The new board of directors will continue the development in all aspects of NCLA, with same tenacity and excellence that have characterized this organization, and its members. All members of NCLA are bilingual professional Hispanic women that had achieved excellence in their line of work and are now helping other women do the same.

New board president, Minerva Gonzales.

The president of the Association, Minerva Gonzales, a graduate of UCLA with Master’s degree in Public Administration, has been a member of NCLA for many years, actively contributing to the growth and development of the Association, and benefiting the Hispanic community. She has participated in various projects that directly affect the Hispanic community, such as the Conference “Adelante Mujer””, to empower Latin women, and establishment of Museum for children in Escondido. She has also been in charge of grant and loans program called BECA, for 12 years helping students obtain grants and loans for college.

The vice president of NCLA, Sandra Silva Fichter, has worked in Human resources for over 20 years, and has worked in diverse sectors, such as: health, manufacturing, medical care, and government agencies serving the public. She is also a Captain in U.S. Army, with Master’s degree in Human resources. Silvia Fichter has achieved brilliance in her 2 professional careers - civil and military.

Margarita Cramer, A Colombian native with over 15 years of professional experience in Sales and Marketing, has assumed the role of secretary for NCLA. She has worked in International business with diverse distributors from different countries, and is very familiar with multiple cultures.

Gloria Gonzales, with over 15 years of experience in Accounting, has assumed position of treasurer. She has great experience working with non-profit educational institutions, developing diverse accounting systems.

Gloria Martinez and Therese Cisneros-Remington have both assumed the position Member at Large for the Association. Gloria Martinez, a pioneer of NCLA and also its ex-president, will focus on NCLA’s technical development. While self-employed Therese Cisneros-Remington, will bring her vast knowledge of business and marketing to continue developing NCLA’s Public relations department.

“I enjoy volunteering at NCLA, so we may make a difference in our community, and be good role models.for young Latina’s... I still am impressed the knee insight the ladies have a professional and enjoyable... We all work so well as a TEAM to reach our goals... It is my motto, together everyone achiever more! …With Minerva as our leader, we are laying a strong foundation for years to come.”- Said Cisnero-Remington.

At the ceremony in San Marcos, Minerva Gonzales introduced the board of directors, and the vice president discussed plans and goals of the association for the next 2 years. Members and guests were also informed about NCLA’s accomplishments throughout the past 10 years.

One of the prominent guests that attended the ceremony, was Amalia Meza, a Supreme Court Judge of San Diego County. Having achieved brilliance in her career, judge Meza congratulated and honored the NCLA for its achievements and determination to empower Latina women, and Hispanic community as a whole.

The ceremony ended with members and guests motivated even more to strive for excellence and improve Hispanic community in every way possible. The new board members will continue with the NCLA mission:” To create a better quality of life for all Latinas by empowering latinas socially and economically through education”… They all keep going together persuing the best for the Latina’s community.

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