August 9 2002

California State Assembly Unanimously Passes Bogh’s Resolution to Honor Medal of Honor Recipients

SACRAMENTO — The Assembly honored Medal of Honor Recipients with the passage of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 233. The measure passed unanimously.

Assemblyman Russ Bogh (R-Cherry Valley) introduced the resolution, which complements Assembly Bill 1965, by further recognizing Medal of Honor Recipients for their service to our country. AB 1965, which Governor Davis signed last week, amends current law by granting Medal of Honor recipients and their children free tuition at UC’s, CSU’s, and California community colleges.

Assemblyman Bogh recognized three Medal of Honor Recipients—Platoon Sergeant Mitchell Paige MOH, USMC (Ret.) from Palm Desert, Calif., Staff Sergeant Walt Ethlers MOH, US Army (Ret.) from Buena Park, Calif., and Sergeant Richard Pittman (MOH, USMC (Ret.) from Stockton, Calif.— for their acts of valor. The Medal of Honor is the highest military award given for bravery and service to our country.

“These men are no ordinary soldiers,” said Assemblyman Bogh, “These are men who have led bayonet charges deep in enemy territory and faced heavy machine gun fire while protecting their comrades. They put their lives on the line so that we don’t have to.”

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