August 8, 2003

Qué pasó con los good for nothing gringos in Chula Vista? En esta ciudad la gente makes up half of the community yet not one single Hispanic on this redevelopment redesign. You think with two Hispuniccs on the city council they might have said something. Pura madre, no pasó nada....

Qué pasó con Cheeta scandal? Still waiting for the word.

Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante still peeved about his parking spot being taken by Gov. Davis, decided to get back by running for Governor – hey, why not!

Qué pasó con la ciudad de National City y Prop. L? – you know the proposition that was passed about a Police Review board or a water downed version anyway. Evidently even that can’t get out of the starting blocks. The city council is too busy setting up community meetings to worry about what the people had already voiced their concern about as a whole.

Schwarzenegger announced for governor on Wednesday and Thursday rumors flying that he is going after the Hispanic vote by offering a work visa program for immigrants; it will only cost them $1200 for a worker’s card. Sounds great…not.

El Jefe not sure what Congressman Bob Filner is running for, but we know one thing, he is winning for most faxes sent in a week. In fact he is so far ahead there is no second place. Hey Filner do us a favor and get with the internet craze and start sending those things via email. You don’t advertise enough for us to afford all the paper and ink we spend printing those things.

Los Republicanos are trying to make inroads into the Hispanic community and when you think there might be hope they go and shoot themselves in the foot. Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, Republican, recently released a opinion piece about the extradition process between Mexico and the U.S. and in this press release he refers to the immigration issues as the “illegal alien invasion.” With Neanderthals like this in the Republican party they will never, ever, will win the hearts and souls of the Hispanic voter.

El Jefe had pow wow with the big boys of the Altria Corp. En su casa los conocen!!! They are the parent company of Miller Brewing, Kraft Foods, and Philip Morris. Had a nice morning breakfast, except for that bird that keep swooshing by our heads, and talked about the Chicano (his word not ours) community in San Diego. It was very interesting conversation. One topic asked was which organizations they could work with in San Diego in regards to their innovative health programs on the horizon. Told them we would get back to them on that. Hmmm wonder who el jefe is going to recommend?????

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