August 5, 2005

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Why Aren’t Shootings Being Investigated

We the Chicano/Mexicano indigenous people of this land are all for Homeland Security for our country. After all, we as indigenous people have been fighting terrorism ever since Christopher Columbus and millions of terrorist invaders came to our country illegally.

We the Chicano/Mexicano indigenous people are now being attacked by vigilante terrorist groups such as the Minuteman Project and the Calif. Minuteman Organization that came to invade our land and to terrorize the Chicano/Mexican indigenous people with snipers, machetes, baseball bats, rifles and pistols.

The minuteman Project was praised by Gov. Schwarzenegger as doing a good job at the border. A good job of doing what? Of invading our land and terrorizing our people? We now have two Mexicanos that were shot at the border last week near Campo by masked men. Why hasn’t Gov. Schwarzenegger and the U.S. government done an investigation regarding these attacks on our people?

Rick Saiz
San Diego

Political System is broken, let’s fix it!

We see examples everyday from both Republican and Democrat politicians of how our political system is broken. From Duke Cunningham to San Diego Council members Michael Zuchett and Ralph Inzunza you can see that putting anyone in a position of having to decide to do what is good for the public or biting the hand that funds their campaigns is just plain stupid.

The solution to our current system is Clean Money Campaigns. Although Clean Money Campaigns will not eliminate “dirty politicians” what it can do is this: Level the playing field for anyone with broad support from registered voters to run on ideas and a clear vision, instead of only people that have large sums of personal wealth or that are connected to people/corporations that do have the ability to fund an election.

Clean Money Campaigns is a sensible approach that has a proven success record and it is working right now in Arizona and Maine.

The Clean Money concept is supported by US Senator John McCain (R), Az., US Congressman Bob Filner (D), Ca., League of Women Voters,  Foundation of Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, and the Women’s’ International League for Peace and Freedom, just to name a few. Elections are a public good, they safeguard our democracy. 

Amy Fader

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