August 5, 2005

Azucar Events’ second anniversary bash

By Luis Alonso Pérez

Chicos and chicas, it’s time to dance the night away with La Internacional Sonora Show at Azucar’s second anniversary bash, Thursday, August 11th. An evening to celebrate two years of nightclub events that has brought together a new generation of San Diego Latinos and Latinas to the dance floor.

Azucar began coordinating monthly events in local nightclubs in June, 2003, as a fresh alternative for Latinos to party in an atmosphere that reflects the joyfulness and intensity of our culture, through DJ’s or live bands playing strictly Latin music, with everything from salsa, merengue, rock en español, reggaeton & house music.

Last year’s crowd shot is from the First Anniversary Party hosted by Azucar.

Mike Soul is the name of the man behind the show, a club and mixtape DJ who has been coordinating events throughout Southern California since 1997. A couple of years ago, Mike and his associates created Azucar, with the goal of becoming the biggest Latin music promotions company in San Diego.

“I felt that San Diego desperately needed a nightlife scene that focused on all genres of quality Latin music. Besides, if you live in California, you got to be crazy not to like Latin music!” clearly states Mike.

But apparently not everyone in town feels the same way about Latin music, since there is only one Latin nightclub in the downtown area, and that is Café Sevilla. “San Diego is the 7th largest city in the United States and is considered a top 10 U.S Latin market. 27% of 3 million people are a lot of Latinos!” said Mike. “Sevilla has been around at least 15 years and it has never been remodeled, San Diego needs more opportunities!” he added.

“The nightlife here in San Diego reflects the people… conservative and very trendy” said Azucar’s front man. “What we want to do is add more “flavor” to the San Diego nightlife and offer the people more variety other than the Top 40 thing”.

For the Azucar team, this anniversary is very important, because it means more than two years of partying, it represents dedicated work and commitment, but it also represents two years of San Diego support to Latin culture and music.

Azucar Events thinks every event is very important, but they are particularly proud of the turnout for their first anniversary event, as well as the Dia de los Muertos event and the Lisa Lisa concert last June.

For this anniversary they want to bring together a crowd of one thousand people, this means they have been working hard to put together a great night of music and entertainment. “I have molded this night as a painter carefully selects his colors and I have created a high energy and entertaining night for you all” said Mike Soul.

Headlining the celebration is “La Internacional Sonora Show”, better known as “La Sonora Dinamita”, a band that not only draws large crowds to the dance floors but according to Mike “represents many countries and Latin backgrounds like South America, Central America and Mexico. Their music brings nostalgia because most of us Latinos grew up listening to their music. They have great energy for any party!”

According to Mike, in the last couple of years they have contributed to a better understanding of the Latin culture in California, but the most satisfying part of his work is seeing people’s happy faces as they dance to the music.

The Azucar 2nd anniversary will be celebrated on Thursday, August 11th at On Broadway, 615 Broadway St. Downtown San Diego. For more information contact Azucar (619) 342 6129 or visit their web page

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