August 5, 2005


Luis Acle School Board Trustee Betrays Community

Luis Acle is a conundrum. As voters you assumed that when he ran for the seat on the San Diego Unified School Board it was to make a difference and to represent the district for a full term. It was also assumed that as the elected official of the San Diego Unified School Board, that was in such disarray, that he had the passion to be an agent of change and to fix what he and the community perceived to be wrong. Acle stated throughout his campaign, that he wanted to make a difference for his grandchildren. What you didn’t presume was that the person you elected was only looking at his School Board seat as a stepping stone to higher office.

Acle and the school board have already stumbled badly when they hired the new superintendent behind closed doors and under a shroud of secrecy. The community had been promised an open process. Transparency in local government was paramount to the voters as the fiasco going on at City Hall has clearly made apparent. Luis Acle has betrayed the teachers, the parents and children that he vowed to represent a mere seven (7) months after being elected to serve as a Board Member, by taking out papers to run for the vacant San Diego City Council Seat in District 8.

In serving on the San Diego Unified School Board at this time of turmoil was a responsibility he assumed and asked the voters to support him and vote for him to carry out this task as a member of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Luis Acle betrayed this commitment and displayed his true colors. He cared little for the San Diego Unified School District, the students, the teachers, staff, and parents and the large Mexican American communities who placed their hope in him. He betrayed a school District that had already suffered extreme disfuctionalism, and dammed the hopes and aspirations of thousands of students and their families. The truth about Mr. Acle has now been exposed. He saw his seat on the Board as a mere stepping stone for yet another, supposedly more important, seat.

Mr. Acle your betrayal and lack of concern for our children makes you unfit to be the President of the Board or to continue serving on the San Diego Unified School Board. The honorable thing is for Mr. Acle to resign. If Mr. Acle doesn’t step down then the School Board should pass a resolution to have him removed as president and replace him with somebody who is focused and has the best interest of the School District at heart.

Failing to resign the voters of Acle’s district should get together and start discussing the possibility of a recall vote. This is an insult and affront to the community and they deserve better than this.

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