August 4, 2000


Mensaje to all faithful readers of TEZOZOMOC SPEAKS, El Jefito has given the `palabra' that from here until the November elections are over with, this column will devote itself to bringing you information on the candidates, issues, and the campaigns. It will have as its principal focus on how they impact upon our Raza, city, county, state & nation. The propaganda war has started and most of what you see, read or hear will be a strong combination of half-truths, darn outright lies, designed to get you to support their view. We will attempt to strip away the smoke screens and mirrors that will be used to confuse and mislead you, so that it will help you determine what vote is in your best interest.


ALERTA: Look out for Faxes, E-Mails and other infomercials coming from individuals or groups who are using systems whose links are located and paid for by public monies, such as U.C.S.U., S.D.S.U., Community Colleges, non-profit, PUBLIC FUNDED COMMUNITY AGENCIES. All are prohibited from using equipment, whether it is located in their homes or institutions, for political purposes! Employees and students, cannot play politics with tax supported/provided equipment. If reported, their schools or agencies can lose their entire funding and support. If you want to play politics you have to do so on you're own time, your own nickel, equipment, phones, fax machines and or computers! A word to the wise!

SCHOOL VOUCHERS will be a big item this year. As usual, the Teachers Unions will be opposing school vouchers. This time, if School Vouchers pass, parents will be able to use their $4,000 voucher to send their children to Catholic schools, Christian and other approved religious schools, or any approved educational system, if they so desire.


Candidate G. W. Bush in his first television ads is crowing that THIS GENERATION will solve the Social Security problems facing us! Here I thought the Republican Party i.e. Candidate Bush was going to bite the bullet and save Social Security! Of course, when they fail to do so, George W. Bush already has a scapegoat for destroying Social security... THIS GENERATION! (By the way this Generation, is not George W. Bush's generation. So he is home free on all counts!


Hijole! GOP conventions make one gag! Too bad that the only minorities you see in the convention are the vendidos on the stage! A scan with our Tezzy-scan of the convention floor shows little but good old white "Bubbas," white males, and over fed white Mamas on the floor! Nothing but the same old red neck right-wingers that have been tearing us apart here in Califas.


Not said by the tokens on the convention stage was the fact that dear ole G.W. Bush lies about his "conservative compassionate" rule of Tejas. The home of Salina and Mex-Tex musica. The Texas border region, you know where all us mesicans live, ranks last in the entire US of A in personal income! The region ranks first in the nation in poverty, number of children living in poverty, unemployment rate, percent of the population without a high school diploma. So said Texas Comptroller (as stated in USA Today 5/17/99).... Ay! G.W., Where was all your compassion then?


With G.W. Bush planning to once again visit California to get the Mexican American vote, how come he has never bothered to visit the `colonias,' that are so poverty stricken in his own state?????


How come G.W. Bush doesn't have the real Tejanos speak out on his record? Having Paloma send her son around the country may impress the Bennie Boppers but not the real TEJANOS!


Nice to hear Assemblywoman Susan Davis (D) has appointed Juan A. Gallegos for the position of field coordinator in her race against Congressman Bilbray (R) in the 49th Congressional District. He will oversee the Campaign's Latino outreach effort. Glad to see you finally discovered the 650,000 Mexican American community of San Diego! Ay Susan, La Prensa never heard of this guy... send him around, being as you HAVEN'T HAD THE TIME for the oldest, largest Mexican American new paper in the county and perhaps in the state! Be nice to know where you stand on OUR ISSUES!


Judge Larry Stirling (R) came out swinging against incumbent DeDe Alpert (D) in the 39th State Senate District. The Judge often times comes out swinging like a progressive but then is waylaid by his ULTRA-Right Wing Republican friends. Don't think they trust him to follow the Right Wing line. On the other hand, we haven't had the time of day from DeDe since she got into office! What good is a democrat who won't DEMOCRAT??? God, Larry, get Pete Wilson off your Mailing list!


Tooooo bad... The Latino Business Association (LBA) of Los Angeles has turned its back on La Raza and is touting the Right-Wing agenda. Guess it is true "the main engine behind capitalism is GREED!" Instead of remaining neutral it chose to take sides and support the Republican agenda no matter how badly it affects the Latino communities! What does this do to all your "government supported programs paid for by Democrats as well as Republicans and a whole bunch of other taxpayers???"


The Republican Convention was booooooring. Roger Hedgecock did his best to make it come alive... But he was boooooring! Nothing too interesting watching a gathering of old has- beens mourning at a wake! Convention was "over" controlled, boring, dying of senility, and totally devoid of any life. God, I hope the Democrats have a few riots to liven things up.

Prognoses: Bush is dead upon delivery!

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