August 4, 2000

Serrano Says Republican Speeches in Spanish are Hypocritical

Washington, D.C., Aug. 3 - - Congressman Jose E. Serrano (D-NY) today said a strategy to include Spanish-speaking addresses at the Republican National Convention given the Republican party's nonin-clusive, nonimmigrant party platform, is hypocritical.

"It's blatantly hypocritical to appeal to Latino voters by speaking Spanish at the convention when this is the same party that has advanced English-only legislation," Serrano said.

"Is this what compassionate conservatism is all about?," Serrano said. "If that's the case, I wouldn't trust this party to address the needs of the American public."

Immigration is another issue that puts into question the Republican party's sincerity in reaching out to immigrants and minorities.

"This is yet another message that Republicans want to have their cake and eat it too," Serrano said. "Republican legislative strategy has been to systematically withdraw basic governmental services from immigrants. To now appeal to immigrants for purposes of getting elected is pandering and mean-spirited."

Serrano said he is confident that the public will be able to see through all the pomp and circumstance at the convention.

"The American public is smart enough to realize that this is all a show," Serrano said. "Once the convention is over the Republican party will go back to business as usual and will continue to enforce its same oppressive tactics against the very people they say they are willing to embrace."

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