August 3, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks


ADIOS Julio... Hello Agosto. Y what happened to summer? Don't know about you, but, carramba (darn) I am still mucho cold! There is no air conditioner in my canton (home). Yet, my utility bill still doesn't change. It is still high! What's all this crappola about "letting the marketplace work"? UTILITIES still rake in the dinero no matter how little electricity I use... The meter outside the garage still keeps twirling and twirling! Transformer blew out in our area for over half a day, WE HAD NO ELECTRICITY! Didn't matter, the darn meter just cranked up and must have gone faster to keep the profit levels high! Qué está pasando? (wass-up my man?) Perhaps the P.U.C. ought to see what is going on.


POS gente, you can sleep well (I think) but este Indio's just wondering what planet Mayor Murphy has been living on. His appointments to the so-called ETHICS Commission make me laugh. The Ordinance creating this so-called Ethics Commission states: Appointees should reflect the DIVERSITY of the City of San Diego. Pos let's see: Four of the appointees are white, one is Filipino, one is Afro-American & one Hispanic! Missing in action: NO listed GAYS, NO PACIFIC -Rim members, no Asians, no Arabs, no listed Jews. Worse of all "FOUR ATTORNEYS" were appointed! Since when have attorneys won any awards for ethics or inspiring confidences??? They are mostly typified as being money-grubbing ambulance chasers! (Refer to latest joke books).

PREGUNTA: How many votes constitute a majority vote on this so-called ETHICS COMMITTEE? That's as EASY as counting lawyers: 1, 2, 3, four! This Commission is like the Ball Park... DEAD ON ARRIVAL!


Qué lástima... California Senate Democrats voted against a measure ACR 90, by Senator Robert Pacheco (R), honoring the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA on their 85th Anniversary! The resolution failed. The Democrats are in the majority in the California Senate!


PREGUNTA: How can DEMOCRATS support same sex marriages, an immoral concept, without blinking an eyelash and then oppose the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA because they won't allow GAYS in their organization? Gentlemen, you're making this Democrat seriously question whether he can remain a Democrat! Supporting Mon-flores (Gays) is not the place Chi-canos like to be.


En pasando... Este Indio-Chicano has to mention that his God-daughter, Sarita Nadine Baca, will celebrate her Quinceañera on Sunday, August 5th, 2001. Mass at 2:30 p.m. at St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown San Diego. This glorious, pool-side party will be held at the home of Sarita's Aunt and Uncle Rosalia & Chano Ortega in Paradise Hills. Have fun Mija!


The community is being asked to donate funds toward the funeral and burial of Miguel Angel Martinez, who at the age of 21 was shot and killed in the Sherman Heights Community. He was the sole provider for his mother, Alicia Rodriguez, and his disabled sister. Donations are being requested to offset the costs of his burial. Please bring or mail donations to Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church 656 24th St., San Diego, Ca, 92102. Time is of the essence. And for those who carried out this dastardly deed ... we will not forgive you!

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