August 3, 2001

Bullfight World...
By Lyn Sherwood

Another Triumph For Eloy Cavazos

According to reviewer Gary Sloan, July 29 was the opening corrida of the Beautiful Bullring by the Sea. The card featured the seemingly ageless wonder, Eloy Cavazos, alternating with Jorge Gutierrez and José Daniel Ayala, facing bulls from Real de Saltillo.

The bulls ranged from 440-490 kilos and were well presented. The best was the fourth, Carmelo.


Eloy didn't have much luck with the capote to "Bonito," as the animal was easily distracted. He did manage a nice media verónica. The Little Giant dedicated to the crowd, then proceeded to deliver a typical Cavazos faena, a little on the right, a little on the left, interspersed with several molinetes. After a media estocada and a long wait—in my opinion, he should have used the des-cabello— Eloy was applauded.

With Carmelo, a dark brown, 490-kilo animal, Eloy turned it on. He gave a strong faena to both sides, running the hand long and totally dominating the toro. Cavazos demonstrated that, at age 50, he is still the best that Mexico has to offer. After a near perfect thrust, ears and tail were awarded.


In his last couple of Tijuana appearances, Jorge has seemed to be uninspired. But, he certainly made up for it, last Sunday. With his first toro, he opened with a rather tepid set of verónicas, followed by chicuelinas to the horse. The veteran, superb banderillero Alfredo Acosta then placed three outstanding pairs and was afforded a grand ovation.

Jorge then gave a terrific faena. He was good on the right and really good on the left. The muletazos were sensational in their temple and smoothness, a thing of beauty. After a full thrust, a well-deserved ear was awarded.

Gutierrez did even better with his second bull. His verónicas and chicuelinas were sharp and perfectly defined. His faena was superb, solid to both sides. Following a slightly caida sword thrust, he received a turn of the ring.


Making his Tijuana debut, José Daniel opened with a large cambiada, followed by a set of chicuelinas. His faena was solid on both sides, especially the first two sets on the right. Following a slightly low sword placement, he received a vuelta.

With his second toro, he was clearly over his head. He showed valor, but a lack of experience to deal with the problems that the bull offered. He messed up the sword and was applauded.


Spanish Matador Padilla remains in critical condition after being gored through the throat during the Feria de San Fermín, in Pamplona. His 670-kilo Miura bull raised its head as Padilla entered to kill. The horn went through the throat, one side to the other, dissecting his esophagus and fracturing the third vertebra.

The new idol of Pamplona is El Juli. Nine ears were cut during the feria of eight corridas, and Julian cut five of them, leaving on shoulders after each of his performances. Ponce cut an ear, as did Victor Puerto. Jose Tomás didn't appear in this year's fiesta. The bulls of Cebada Gago won the award as the best ganadería, and Victor Puerto got the award for the best sword placement.

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