August 3, 2001

San Diego Housing Commission honored by national housing group

In recognition of its innovative self-sufficiency programs, the San Diego Housing Commission won four "National Wards of Merit" from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials.

The award winning programs include:

"VIEWpoint" newsletter - A graphically-inviting quarterly publication for the 4,500-plus rental property owners participating in the Com-mission's Rental Assistance program. The publication's "user-friendly" tome helps convey the message that working with the Housing Commission makes good business sense.

Thanks to award winning programs like the San Diego Housing Commission’s partnership with XO communications and Pathways to college, these kids are getting help with their schoolwork and learning computer skills from college student tutors.

Rosey Grier/WORKS Staffing partnership - An innovative agreement through which Rosey Grier's IUA/WORKS Staffing helps the Commission expand job readiness and placement for housing assistance clients while also helping the Commission with its general staffing needs.

"Moving to Work Across the Digital Divide" - A collaboration between the Commission and XO Communications to establish a state-of-the-art computer lab at the site of the Commission's "welfare-to-work" housing program in City Heights.

"Pathways to College" - An effective partnership between the Housing Commission, the University of California, and San Diego Occupational Training Services designed to increase university admission rates of students who live in assisted housing. Services include mentoring by college students, technical training, and "demand occupation" career guidance.

The San Diego Housing Commission is charged with helping to bridge the gap between the high cost of housing and the large number of low wage earners in the city of San Diego. The 20-year-old agency helps more than 50,000 individuals with affordable housing each year through award-winning programs that benefit the city's economy and help revitalize neighborhoods.

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