August 2 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Chale, Chale with la politica. Bill Simon,(*R) straight arrow, Mr. Republican, is not looking so clean anymore … Horale If I had filed tax returns like he has, I wouldn’t run for Public office! Ese Vato pays less tax, than I do…and he is a multi millionaire! Latest boondoggle is his hiding income by moving his office to offshore islands….then he doesn’t pay any taxes in Califas or the U.S.A. Hay Simon I know a company that can use your business honesty: ENRON!

Mientras…. Defense Secretary Rumsfield is blowing the Republican Party right out of the elections. At the rate Motor Mouth is going, he is personally scaring the hell out of the voters. Hey, why don’t you just invite all our enemies to our next war and have them meet us landing on their beaches just so that they can blow the hell out of us??

Congressman Hunter and Cunningham (Both love to wave flags), are taking dinero(!) money from military contractors, make sure our troops are going to war with faulty parts for our ships and planes that are inferior and are guaranteed to blow our planes right out of the air and sink our ships…Heck look at all the extra money, the right wing Congressman like we have here in DAGO, is making. The Industrial-Military-Political money making complex is working just fine! (So is the death Machine that assured many body bags).

PREGUNTA Presidente: Just who in the heck is running the government?

Who dreamed up the “HOME Security Department? Anybody ever mention that a sure way to lose all the voters is to keep hollering, “The Sky is falling “ every other day? Are you all in charge of the government? If so where did you get all those idiots in your cabinet? Couldn’t all come from Texas!

Golly!!! AOL now is having accounting problems!! That mean I’ am going to get lousier service than I am now???? Hint AOL: Dump Ted Warner, and all those funky music crappola, and other dumb add- on’s and get back to the business you use to be good at ORRRRRR I’m switching! P.S. Your stock dropped from $30.00 a share to $10.00 since you merged…Who is running the company anyway???

While I am hot under my sombrero over these Computer nerds…DON’T go to Mexican web sites. They are loaded with Viruses that they dump on you, if you don’t buy something!! Their programming is for the pajaros …even this Indio can’t take the obscene sex on “De Domingo a Domingo with Sr. Vicente…He sure has no ethics or morals.

Lets all Cheer. The Union busting Union Tribune spent 10 years trying to get the pressmen to work for maquiladora wages…Finally gave up. But the Union not saying what they settled for. Sure is sweet of the Publisher going around giving all that money to the Opera, and her favorite charities etc until you realize she is getting it from the broken backs of the people who work under slave-shop conditions in her pressrooms. Why not pay your workers wages they can live on then we don’t need charity!

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