August 2 2002

The University of California Releases “Tomando Las Riendas De Su Futuro”

In an effort to better reach the state’s Spanish-speaking parents about admissions issues, the University of California Office of the President has developed “Tomando las riendas de su futuro,” a new 23-page booklet that outlines admissions requirements and other essential information.

The booklet’s title means “Taking Control of Your Future” and it comes on the heels of a report by the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute highlighting the fact that a majority of Latino parents need more information about college admissions. Sixty-six percent of the Latino parents in the TRPI study lacked essential information about what their children need to do to get into college. The knowledge deficit was even more pronounced among lower-income and first-generation immigrants who also faced language barriers.

“It is not that less-educated parents necessarily have lower aspirations for their children,” the TRPI report says, “but that those aspirations are less likely to be backed by knowledge of how to work the system.”

By 2008, Latinos are expected to comprise the largest group of California’s high school graduates.

Informed and supportive parents are an essential part of an optimal learning environment. “Tomando las riendas de su futuro” helps Spanish-speaking parents understand how they can help their children meet UC’s rigorous eligibility requirements.

The free booklet can be obtained from UC campus outreach offices or by calling 1-866-204-4589.

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