August 1, 2003

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Bush (is described) as “straight-shooting”— I always thought that meant, truthful, frank, direct and honest. Everything I hear from Bush - ranging from his reasons for attacking Iraq (WMD’s, Hussein/Osama connection, 45 minute/imminent threat to the US, etc.) to the speech from the flight deck (we liberated the Iraqi people, the shooting war is over, we are rebuilding Iraq, Iraqis are celebrating, etc.) has been proven untrue. Everything else he says is a gross misrepresentation, exaggeration or downright lie.  Forcing Tenet and then Hadley to confess to the inclusion of the Niger uranium forgery in his State of the Union Address, after several meetings and redrafts is not only dishonest, it is childish. 

We were handed the Baghdad statue in the empty square fiasco; the Jessica Lynch fiasco (on her return, she did say “I’m also grateful to several Iraqi citizens who helped save my life while I was in their hospital”), the carrier fiasco (“it felt good to take the controls”), and so on. What has he said or done that is straight-shooting?

Angela Bradshaw
via email

Let’s support our Latino organizations

This election season has started and is quickly moving forward. It’s is an immensely important time for the Latino community and it’s a time for us to be fully and properly aware of the issues and the candidates seeking our votes. Our community’s beneficial progress and self-reliance depends on our desire to know the issues and our willingness to give our energy and strong support to those candidates who sincerely care about our families and our future. We can’t allow ourselves to be abused and used again by bad politics bad policies, and bad politicians, which usually see us as pawns in there I political game of trickery.

Latino voters know perfectly well they are politically used and abused. It is partly our fault that for years we’ve been at times apathetic about what’s coming around the political corner for us. When we forget to vote for and support the candidates who best serve us we get bad things like Gorge W Bush.

Let’s support the Southwest Voter Registration Drive with our donations and time, let’s protect the unborn, and let’s expect to see better things for each and every person here in San Diego county.

Virgil Pina
Chula Vista

Backing a corrupt governor?

“Birds of a feather, flock together,” so the saying goes. It is not surprising in the least that Nativo Lopez is backing one of the most corrupt governors in United States history.

Latino legislators are backing Davis because they want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, the California taxpayer. Of course surveys of Latinos show they back Davis. I know exactly where to go to conduct these surveys. 

Just got to illegal alien neighborhoods and tell them that Papa Davis will continue to dole out goodies to them and they will ALL back “el Governador.” This is a Latina’s opinion, Mr. Nativo Lopez. You asked for it. (In response to a letter published in the July 11, 2003 “Latinos and the Davis Recall”).

Haydee Pavia
via email

Cuban History brings back memories

The article by Marcelo Ballvé – “Cuban History: January 1959 May be the Only Fixed Point” (Published July 11, 2003) - reminded me of a story my folks tell about the trip they took through Cuba on their way home from a tour of duty at Guantanamo Naval Base. The revolution was just over and the restriction of travel in Cuba lifted, as my parents and my young brother and sister drove across Cuba to catch the ferry to Florida.

My Father spoke and understood Cuban - “Spanish put through a machine gun”, and they were often stopped by ordinary citizens who seeing their California license plates, knew they were American. Almost universally people would say “this is not a Communist revolution”, as they rejoiced being set free from the brutal rule of Bautista.

But bad as he was, Bautista let them keep their religion and let them teach their children.  Castro quickly changed his banner of freedom for one of increased brutality and control, which took even the consolation of religion and the God-given stewardship of their children. Hope combined with desperation make us easy to fool. 

Barbara Vickroy

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