April 30, 2004

Profil Invites Type II Diabetes Patients to Take Part in a New Clinical Study

CHULA VISTA — Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc., an internationally renowned scientific research institute specializing in diabetes and metabolic disorders, is actively seeking Latino, African-American and Caucasian individuals to participate in its ongoing clinical trials.

Profil needs type II diabetics on insulin who are African-American, Latino or Caucasian and 18 years of age or older as research volunteers. Individuals will receive study-related medical care at no charge and compensation for time and travel up to $2,850. Participation requires six overnight stays during a six to ten week period.

“Participants will be adding to science and knowledge that allows doctors to take care of all diabetics,” said Barbara Troupin, MD, Medical Director, Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc.

The current study focuses specifically on the impact of new medications on multiethnic populations.

“Historically ethnic populations have been under represented in clinical trials research,” said Marcus Hompesch, MD, CEO, Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc. “African-Americans and Latinos have almost twice the risk for type II diabetes as Caucasians. It’s time to examine how and if there are differences in a medication’s impact.”

Research volunteers who qualify will be able to learn more about their illness as they work with doctors, nurses and Profil’s staff nutritionist throughout the study processes. All clinical studies at Profil are conducted in strict adherence with ethical and legal guidelines to respect the participant and ensure the quality of study findings. Profil does not provide primary care services, and participants are encouraged to return to their primary care physicians after the study.

“Many individuals who have diabetes are relying on outdated information and are very fearful of their condition,” said Dr. Troupin. “By participating you will learn about your disease and interact with physicians, nurses and nutritionists who will educate you on how to take care of yourself.”

Spanish-speaking participants can rest assured that they will feel comfortable. More than thirty percent of Profil’s staff speaks Spanish. The patient-friendly and warm environment assures volunteers a good experience.

The institute’s facilities include a state-of-the-art research lab and patient dormitory, including kitchen, cafeteria, exam rooms, and a recreation area. Patients experience better than hospital grade equipment such as beds with TVs and DVD players. Profil’s technology includes a highly sophisticated measuring technique called the glucose clamp and is one of the only private research facilities in the US to utilize this technology, which provides a high-level of accurate data.

For more information on participation, contact Profil at (619) 409-1244. Spanish speakers can call (619) 409-1249.

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