April 30, 2004

The Best the Filipinos and the City Could Have

By Romeo P. Marquez

After the demeaning setback wrought on the Filipino community by the overly ambitious lawyer-turned-politician-turned-swindler some years ago, Filipinos can now hope to regain whatever they lost in terms of respect and public esteem.

The best is about to happen in National City where Filipinos comprise 13 percent of the population, which also happens to be the hub of Filipino business activity in San Diego County. It is understandable therefore why the respected Filipino lawyer Ayne Baker Majul has decided to run for National City city council.

Admittedly, Ayne says, she had been whining for many years about so many things in National City, including the fact that people come from different areas, put up a semblance of residency and run for public office.

For now, Ayne decided to stop whining. She’s throwing her hat into the political arena, vowing to win a council seat, two seats are up for election, one held by Ron Morrison and the other by Fideles Ungab who was appointed, and be a part of the decision-making process.

Her credentials (Juris Doctorate, M.A. in Educational Psychology, B. A. in Psychology) are impressive. Add to these her impeccable record as a lawyer.

She built a reputation for honesty, integrity and hard work through her law office, practicing family law and in the process accumulating vast experiences and insightful knowledge about people in general.

“I want to take this town back for National City citizenry,” she vows. She says she feels being disenfranchised as a voter by having to choose from a slew of candidates who are not really from the city. For many years, Ayne was a silent witness to the comings and goings of city officials. Some politicians put up residence to fulfill the law’s requirement, which means that their concern for the city’s welfare is matched only by the pursuit of their selfish political ambitions.

Ayne Baker Majul. She’s the best the Filipinos and the city of National City could have!

(Romeo Marquez is editor of the Philippine Village Voice and can be reached at PhilVoiceNews@aol.com)

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