April 28, 2000

EHC Honored With U.S. EPA Earth Day Award At Local Ceremony

On Wednesday, April 12, 2000, in a special ceremony held on the campus of Memorial Academy Charter School in Logan Heights, the Region 9 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency paid tribute to the Environmental Health Coalition with its Earth Day award. Regional Administrator Felicia Marcus presented the award to EHC Executive Director Diane Takvorian for the coalition's work in addressing air pollution problems affecting the Barrio Logan and Logan Heights communities.

Holding the EPA Earth Day Award are (from right to left): EHC Executive Director Diane Takvorian; U.S. EPA Snr. Policy Director, Clarice Gaylord; EHC Toxic Free Neighborhoods Co-Director Paula Forbis; and U.S. EPA Regional Director Felicia Marcus.

"The talented members of this coalition have applied creativity, teamwork and leadership in addressing many of the community's most pressing and complex environmental problems," Marcus said in her address before press and members of EHC staff. "EHC has paved the way for Barrio Logan and other low-income communities to identify and monitor cumulative emissions impacts that directly impact their health. They are setting an example for all of us to follow."

The EPA Region 9 Earth Day Award acknowledges demonstrated commitment and significant contributions to the environment in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and tribal lands, EHC was the only San Diego organization from among 46 awardees throughout the Region. Because EHC was unable to attend the Earth Day Celebration Ceremony on April 18 in the Region's home office in San Francisco, a special ceremony was held in San Diego. Groups and individuals were selected from more than 160 nominees received this year from business, media, local and state government officials, tribes, environmental organizations, and citizen activists. An Earth Day Celebration Ceremony for all winners will be held April 18 in the region's home office in San Francisco.

"I accept this award not only on behalf of EHC's dedicated staff and board members, but also on behalf of the many community members who join us in the battle to achieve environmental justice," stated Takvorian. "The fact that we are standing here at Memorial Academy is significant. Thanks to Principal Marco Curiel and the support of the EPA, we now have an air toxics monitoring station at the school."

EHC is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and cleanup of toxic pollution threatening our health, our community and the environment.

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