April 27, 2001



Tiempo to have a Pow-Wow with mi gente ... Un poco de mota might help... Que esta pasanda with el Jefe Bejarano? Since he put on his cachucha de La Main Placa, all the SDPD are getting `cuete' heavy. Seems we are back to shooting first and asking questions despues... WAY DESPUES! ¿Horale Jefe que esta pasando? Kollender now looking like a Chicano-lover compared to the Cowboys you have turned loose on la gente.

Psssst... Mayor the Murph: Looks like el Onion is turning on you. They finally noticed that 3/4ths of San Diego is unpaved, rotted with holes, and undriveable. All this WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO USE TAXPAYER'S DINERO TO BUY CHARGER TICKETS and BUILD A BASEBALL STADIUM FOR THE MULTI- MILLIONaire OWNERS!

Not to worry San Diegans, with all our beaches being polluted and all our streets unusable, PADRES still won't be able to win a AAA game. Dick will never survive. Hummmm... Wonder what Susan or Denise is doing for a living now????


AL TANTO: With our so called Regional Chamber of Commerce being so useless: WHO NEEDS THEM???? You guys lost GATEWAY CORPORATION doing over 2 billion dollars in business to POWAY??? Wasup Man? You and the Man Mayor Murphy too busy plotting how to build a PADRE stadium that you can't notice San Diego is going to hell??? Just who is in charge around here????


PREGUNTA: How cum you guys haven't gotten Poway Mayor La Señora Mickey Cafagna to move to San Diego either to run the city or the Regional Chamber of Commerce? Pssst... Mayor they are awfully short of Judges at the Superior Court. Maybe you can get your old job back.


Everyone notices the big changes at the Otay Water Board since El Jefito blew the whistle?? A todo dar!


El SILENCE has been deafening from el Superintendent Ed Brand since Tezozomoc broke open the info of a teacher (Sr. Balsley) threatening to shoot a student (Raymond Cortez) who ended up being expelled and quien sabe, maybe the teacher got a raise?! Board of Trustees, Chair (Bob Griego) who is apparently too busy running the Otay Water Board and being a highly paid consultant for the same folks, and, too busy planning to run for the Chula Vista City Council, evidently put the whole matter under wraps... It's a personnel matter you know!! (Toro popo - we are burying it so we won't be embarrassed.)


Memo to the Cortez Family: Sending a student to HOME STUDY is the same as EXPULSION under Ed Code 48925, sub. (b). None of the procedures were followed with your son! Get a lawyer!! The one being expelled should be the teacher and not your son!

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