April 27, 2001

Governor Davis Announces List of Energy Conservation Resources For Businesses

Sacramento — Governor Gray Davis thanked California businesses for their efforts to further energy conservation across the state and released a list of contacts and resources to help them meet the energy challenge.

"Everyone needs to know that with a simple flip of the switch, we can reduce demand, decrease our bills, and help stave off major summer disruptions," Governor Davis said. "Businesses are leading the way in this effort. We've signed up 225 conservation partners, including the Chamber. I want to thank the California Chamber of Commerce for its leadership and support in this effort."

During a speech to the California Chamber of Commerce, Governor Davis also announced that the Chamber was posting the energy conservation contacts on their web site.

The fact sheet includes phone numbers and web address to help businesses take advantage energy efficiency and conservation programs recently announced by the Governor. The list will continue to grow as more programs come online. The Governor's $800 million conservation program—the most aggressive conservation effort in the nation, contains a number of financial incentives for businesses, including:

Incentives for high efficiency lighting in commercial buildings;

Combined with the 20/20 Rebate Program and several existing programs, the state is on track to reach its goal of saving at least 5000 MW during peak demand this summer.

General Help Numbers for Businesses:

For all Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs: California Energy Commission: 1-800-232-4685 or 1-800-555-7794. Business Energy Help-line (M-F 8-5) (916) 445-9699.

Examples of Resources Available to California Businesses:

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programs

20/20 Energy Rebate: Residential, commercial, and industrial customers are eligible for this voluntary program which will provide rebates to customers who reduce their summer 2001 electricity usage. Customers will receive a 20% rebate on their summer electric bill if they cut back their electricity use by 20% over last summer's level. (Direct access customers are not eligible).

SDG&E website and 800:

http://www.sdge.com/efficiencv/index.html: 1-800-411-SDGE

Incentives for Efficient Lighting (also offered by Municipal Utilities): Incentives are to encourage the purchase and use of "Energy Star" lighting fixtures, when applicable. The program also offers incentives and assistance with installation of lighting control technologies, such as dimming, timers, and occupancy sensors, which provide more peak demand reduction in commercial settings.

Low-energy usage building materials: California's commercial buildings account for 36% of the state's annual electricity use. During peak times, commercial buildings use 11% of the state's electricity for lighting and 15% for air conditioning. Funds will be used to identify and buy-down the cost of energy measures, such as "white roofs," used to retrofit commercial buildings for energy efficiency.

Contact: Scott Matthews CEC website and 800 number: www.energy.ca.gov/peakload; 1-800-555-7794

Renewable Energy;

Emerging Renewable Account: Provides rebates for the purchase and installation of solar energy systems up to 10 kW (small business). Administered by the CEC.

Contact: Sandy Miller CEC website and 800 number: www.energy.ca.gov/peakload; 1-800-555-7794

Renewable Loan Guarantee Program: Loan guarantees to purchase and install renewable energy systems, administered through the California Technology Trade and Commerce Agency.

Contact: Al Salazar (916) 323-8308.

Solar Tax Credit: The Governor has proposed a new solar credit for the purchase and installation of solar energy systems between 10 kW and 200 kW for the 2001 through 2003 tax years. The credit would equal 50 percent of the net cost of the system. This proposal is in SB 17X (Brulte).

Program has not yet been enacted legislatively. Contact Technology Trade and Commerce Agency; Business Energy Help-line (M-F 8-5) (916) 445-9699 or Contact the Franchise Tax Board (800) 852-5711.

Large Nonresidential Standard Performance Contract program: This program helps businesses with monthly peak demands of 500 kW or more replace inefficient equipment of a variety of types (e.g., refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation).

Small Business Standard Performance Contract program:

This program is the small-business counterpart of the large program described above. It is focused on small businesses (with peak demands under 500 kW per month) and also offers financial incentives for equipment replacement, after energy savings are verified.

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