April 26, 2002

Grupo Teatral Dionisio to present “Doña Criba”

Conmutador Dona Criba, Paparuchas y Socorro (izq).

Grupo Teatral Dionisio, a dynamic theater group founded by the students of Cal State San Marcos, is producing and performing “Doña Criba,” a play in Spanish (with English subtitles) that represents a Mexican town in the outskirts of Mexico City during the early 1980s. The play will be performed on May 3rd and 4th, 2002 at 7:00PM at the Avo Playhouse in the city of Vista. (tickets $5.00)

The production and presentation of this play has multiple benefits for the community -culturally, artistically, academically, and socially. The play opens a window into Mexican culture and portrays a small town in central Mexico during the early 80s. The play embodies the resistance of the town’s inhabitants to the rapid invasion of progress and outsiders. This play reflects on Mexican social problems such as corruption, immigration, and abuse of power. Also, the play is a reflection on the creative writing process. As a group we are genuinely excited to share this tragicomically fictional story of Doña Criba, a telephone operator who serves as the center “nerve” of a small town in Mexico. The protagonist is a metaphor of creative writing and of the construction of individual and national identities.

As students of a university that strives to celebrate diversity, we are proud to present this play, which celebrates the Mexican culture through a thoughtful story line and a variety of characters. Grupo Teatral Dionisio hopes that this story will prove to be educational and entertaining for the community and guests.

For more information. Call VisTix at (760) 724-2110 for tickets. For information on Moonlight productions, or other programming at the Avo Playhouse call 726-1340 ext. 1523. The Avo Playhouse is located at 303 Main Street in Vista’s Downtown District, Vista, California.

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