April 25, 2003

Esta liñea (border line) en la Frontera is a “pain in the you know where”! The jam-up of autos, and gente is not good for business, tourism, tempers, and wear and tear on the body and soul! La Placa thinks Tijuanenses are digging cross-border tunnels to bring drugs into the USA. Este Indio thinks they are so fed up with the border jam-ups that they are seeking to solve the problem by creating cross border people tunnels so they can get to work on time! We call it the Free Enterprise tunnel system.

League of Woman Voters of San Diego recognized Gloria Penner, KPBS Political Correspondent and Director of Public Affairs, for her work and achievements, in the civic area, for her positive impact on San Diego. Penner, who Hosts the weekly “Editors Round Table”, could have positively impacted on the Hispanic community, which has noticeably failed to include HISPANIC, MEXICAN AMERICAN & LATINO Editors. Our Gente has noticed that the so-called Round table is a sounding Board for the Union Tribune, which uses the forum to push the same party line that is prevalent in the U/T...Four Anglo Editors, plus one Black editor does not make for a ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION. Something has been terribly missing in her programming: THE MEXICAN AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE! We are a large part of the San Diego area, in case KPBS hasn’t noticed!

Sandra a.k.a. Lopez (Anglo Masquerading as M/A) Board Trustee San Ysidro School District is up to her usual tricks. Past experience with Lopez when she was a Board Trustee should have been enough to discourage the voters from risking another round of the Sandy tantrums. Her behavior at the recently held scheduled photo shoot with Pardee Homes was incredibly rude & unpleasant. Pardee representatives were presenting $1,500 donations to the school district, that had participated in the First 5K.run sponsored by Pardee. Comments from spectators: She was rude, used unacceptable language, it was embarrassing and despicable! Pues, that’s pure Anglo Lopez. Recall anyone?

Manuel Caveda (Memo) former National City Photographer, let El Jefito know that he is on the way to Sacramento to kick off his “The Spirit of Mexico” Photo show. A Reception will be held in the Eureka Room at the State Capitol, Sacramento, Ca. on May 6, 2003. The Photos will be on display until June 6 in the Eureka Room after which the show will be taken throughout California. Manuel hopes to preserve the vanishing culture of the most remote parts of Mexico (Indian and Mexican). Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante is the main sponsor of The Spirit of Mexico Photo Show. For further information Call Manuel Cavada at (619) 336-8454 or E-mail <memocavada@cox.net>

Incidental Informacíon Irene Armenta (DesGeorges) author of “INOCENCIA” a Book which is being reviewed by La Prensa San Diego, dropped in to see El Jefe just to remind him that she was attending UCSD same time that he was. Seems like they had an exciting time in the early 70’s. They went down memory lane reliving how it was when there were only 7 or 8 Chicanos in attendance at the University!

Ms. Veronika Bellman, Member of the Bundestages (German Parliament) and Dr. Silvia Engles, Redakteurin Aktuelles Deutschlandfunk (Foreign & Current Affairs Editor for German Public Radio) accompanied by Dr. Robert J. Devine, CEISA Research Group (International Affairs Consultant) met with the Publisher of La Prensa seeking information on the impact and economic integration (and interaction) with Mexico, Racism in our area, Discrimination and caused by the impact of the Iraq war. They read La Prensa in Germany! Now if we could only convince our public radio station (KPBS) that we have something to say (are you listening Gloria Penner).

Efforts being made by the Federación Estatal Baja California Grupos Politicos, Gral. Lázaro, Cárdenas del Rio in coordination with the Tijuana chapter to have a joint meeting with La Prensa San Diego to speak on “The effects of the (Iraq) war on the Border. Of interest is also the situation on the Mexican, non-U.S. citizen, who has been killed in action in Iraq, whose families reside in Mexico. La Prensa Staff being kept busy at this time.

PREGUNTA: Mayor Dick Murphy, with your new vigor on running for reelection, when are you going to stop the City Manager & City Council from squandering City Taxpayers funds on “feely good” projects such as The Chamber of Commerce, providing welfare to the Chargers and Padres, Redevelopment projects which only benefit the Developers, squandering millions to protect us against spurious terrorist attacks that occur only in the mind of those who live in Washington D.C. While I am on a roll. When is the City going to take control of our coastal development? I really don’t think Budweiser has the best interests of our city!

En Fin: I know folks who work for the Alan Bersin Empire (San Diego Unified) don’t think too highly of getting canned. But I have a Pregunta: Just whom do you want in charge of the funny farm?? Do you want the Farmers (Alan Bersin and the Board) or the Animals that live off the farm? ? Hard question right?

Bueno, Ciao for now C.U. Next week


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