April 25, 2003

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County Redistriciting Issue Not Over, Just Yet.

On 10 July 2001 the Supervisors Ron Roberts, Diane Jacobs, Greg Cox, and Bill Horn adopted a redistricting plan that they and staff under their control had worked out in secret. The draft maps, emails, base maps on which hand drawn boundary changes were made, were destroyed so they could not be used as evidence in a case against the county.

Extensive proof was presented against the Supervisors at trial. It was proven they had secretly gathered redistricting documents, conducted secret serial meetings, and held secret closed sessions. One of the state’s foremost authorities on the Brown Act, Terry Francke, General Counsel of the First Amendment Coalition, found clear violations.

Unfortunately our judge in the case ruled against us. We do not hold any ill will towards the judge, after all he allowed us to take the case to trial. However, we believe he committed reversal error in ruling for the county.

To support our position, we filed with the court yesterday a list of objections and comments noting the court’s factual and legal errors. Although we hope the judge changes his mind and rules for the plaintiff, we have made every preparation to appeal the case.

Michael J. Aguirre
Attorney for the plaintiff

We’re Mad As Hell

As usual, the die was cast long before yesterday’s 3-2 vote (on April 22 San Diego City Schools cut $51 million from budget) concerning the budget cuts. No matter that for more than two hours, parents, community members, teachers, and students spoke 2 minutes each unanimously against Bersin’s solutions to the budget crisis.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen of San Diego, is a government agency completely run amuck, with zero hope that it’s going to change anytime in the near future. What’s going on in SDCS does not represent what the people want—it only represents what Mr. Bersin and his puppet majority on the board want.

The children of this city are being robbed of their futures by these people—which means that the future of this city is being taken from all of us; children are our hope for the future. Without hope for our children, there is no hope for San Diego’s future. The $74 million dollar question is: When are the people of this city going to get mad enough to take matters back into their own hands—to reassert their control over their own schools? What ever happened to the good old days of civil disobedience tactics? What ever happened to sit-ins and boycotts and massive public demonstrations? Those tactics were good enough for Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., why aren’t they good enough for the good people of San Diego? The same issues of repression and injustice and a lack of process and proper representation are at stake. When do we say to this current school administration that enough is enough—we’re mad as hell and ready to do something about it?

Mike MacCarthy
Voters For Truth in Education


Muchas gracias por tan bello artículo relacionado a la despedida de mi Guerrero Azteca. Mil gracias y que dios la bendiga. Deseo por medio de ustedes mandar este pequeño agradecimiento. (“Escondido Da El Ultimo Adios A Su Héroe Hispano” published 4/18/03)


A toda la comunidad de San Diego y en especial a los residentes de Escondido, así como al pueblo hispano y no hispano del mundo entero, la Familia Suarez Del Solar, desea agradecerles el gran apoyo moral y económico que nos han brindado en estos días tan difíciles. Así como también y muy en especial por el amor y respeto con que despidieron a nuestro hijo , a nuestro GUERRERO AZTECA. Las muestras de amor que vivimos durante los servicios funerales nos impactaron y nos dieron un alivio en nuestros corazones. Ya que comprobamos, una vez más, que nuestro hijo no murió en vano, que murió como un héroe y lo despidieron como tal.

Gracias a todas las autoridades de la ciudad de Escondido, por el gran apoyo que nos brindaron, al cuerpo de bomberos, a la policía, a los carteros, en general a todos y cada uno que han enviado sus donativos para la fundación GUERRERO AZTECA- JESUS ALBERTO SUAREZ DEL SOLAR NAVARRO. Que como saben está a disposición de aquellas familias de soldados que tengan cualquier necesidad de ayuda, aquí estamos, para apoyarlos a ustedes, así como nos apoyaron a nosotros, gracias y que Dios los bendiga a todos los hispanos, americanos. Aquí en nuestros corazones no hay distinción de razas, todos nos demostraron su apoyo y amor. Gracias mil.

Quedamos de ustedes a sus apreciables órdenes.

Fam. Suárez Del Solar,
Fernando Suárez Del Solar

Allow The Iraqui People a Legitimate Role

The Bush administration ran the gamut of reasons for invading Iraq:  “Weapons of Mass Destruction;” “imminent threat;” to “gassed his own people;” finally settling on “the liberation of the Iraqi people.”

The weapons that had us so worried haven’t been found, the imminent threat turned out to be a “tottering regime,” the gassing took place while Rumsfeld and the U.S Government was cozying up to Saddam Hussein, and now, if the administration pursues its plan to let the Pentagon run Iraq rather than the U.N, the liberation will have also been proven false.

What’s worse is the picture of U.S. Companies salivating over the spoils of war while Chalabi, an exiled Iraqi convicted of bank fraud and close chum of the administration’s most avid chicken hawks, is installed as ruler by the Pentagon. We helped install Saddam Hussein. Why should the Iraqi people trust our choice of leadership this time?

U.S. control of the reconstruction process will incite the Arab world to retaliate against us with more terrorism, not less. The Iraqi people will not be better off as a “U.S. only” process could lead potential donor countries to hold back on humanitarian aid. If Operation Iraqi Freedom is not another lie, the Bush administration needs to allow the Iraqi people and the U.N. a legitimate role in the rebuilding and governance of this devastated country. Besides, does anyone remember Afghanistan? Our promises to help rebuild that country have so far been empty.

Cherry L. DeLorenzo
San Diego

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