April 22, 2005

Orale! How lucky can we get here in San Diego! We are known nationally for our Baseball stadium, PETCO PARK, with our famous PADRES, that can’t seem to beat the DODGERS. Now, we are known Nationwide for having one of the three worse Mayors in the entire nation, Mayor Dick Murphy! Boy have we got bragging points when we go visit friends and family throughout the country!

Pregunta Gente: Anymore “Chicanos” for Schwarzenegger????? Or Raza for the “Minutemen” or “Hispanics” for Mayor Dick Murphy? Or worse of all, “Educators & Union Members” for the Republican Party! Hijole, sometimes I wonder what it takes to wake up La Gente!

Our movie star Governor displayed his total ignorance when he called for the closing of the border. This is what happens when he wanders from the script. Of course the spin doctors came out in mass to clarify his words.

Kudos to the BOT (Board of Trustees) of the Sweetwater Union High School District. They finally wised up and rained in Superintendent Brand’s discretionary spending. Brand was squandering money like he had a bottomless pit of dollars! Board smartened up and started making decisions in the best interest of the district and students. Its about time they stop squandering monies on items like the blurb.

PREGUNTA: Do you see what a difference a change in the BOT makes?

Time Magazine finally picked up on Tezozomocs esposure on the total inability of Mayor Dick Murphy to carry out the functions of Mayor! El Jefito has been trying to get the politicos and the people to recognize what a bummer it was to have him as Mayor. You would think that Dick Murphy walked on water or something.

PREGUNTA: Do we really want to have Dick Murphy as the first “Strong Mayor” of the City of San Diego? Este Indio thinks that this is really going to make the citizens of San Diego rank among the most dumbest voters in the nation!

What’s up with the new Pension Board? The Mayor should have made it a pre-requisite that the new Board members would bring to the light of day the truth about what happened in 2002. Instead, this Board continued down the same old road to bankruptcy. This is a direct slap in the face to the voters who voted for Prop. H, last year, in order to bring about change.

Stripper talk and conversations about lap dancers out of the mix with the corruption case involving Inzunza and Zucchet. Well there go the TV ratings! Resignations are in order to clean out the cesspool that our City Government has turned into. (Psst... Time Magazine: check this out on our Web site).

Chao.... Tezzy

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