April 21, 2000

Your Old Eyeglasses Are The Gift of Sight

You may have the gift of sight, out of sight. New Eyes For The Needy asks people to check their desks and bureaus for unwanted glasses, jewelry, watches and hearing aids that are too valuable to throw away but are no longer of use. Those old glasses and other items will find a second life through New Eyes For The Needy and can mean the gift of sight to someone else.

Since 1932 New Eyes For The Needy, Inc. has helped over 5 million people in the United States and in over 30 developing nations. New Eyes is a non-profit volunteer run organization which recycles eyeglasses, jewelry, watches and hearing aids to benefit visually impaired adults and children.

Every day social agencies and school nurses across the United States contact New Eyes For The Needy with requests to help adults and children who are unable to see because they cannot afford eyewear. Acting in collaboration with opticians and optometrists, New Eyes provides new prescription glasses at no cost to the individual. The recycling of optical gold scrap, donations from individuals, foundation support, and sales of donated jewelry fund this program.' Send old glasses, jewelry, watches, hearing aids and cash donations to New Eyes For The Needy, 549 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078

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