April 21, 2000

AT&T Foundation's $100,000 Contribution Aims to Educate Hispanics on College Financial Aid Resources

Roberto Cruz, AT&T Corporate Affairs director, recently presented a $100,000 grant from the AT&T Foundation to Sara Martinez-Tucker, president and CEO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund in support of HSF's "Technology for Education." This donation continues the joint project between the AT&T Foundation and HSF designed to educate students and their families about educational and financial aid resources, especially those available through the use of technology.

"We are extremely grateful to the AT&T Foundation and how supportive it is of our mission to strengthen America by advancing the college education of Hispanic Americans," stated Martinez-Tucker. "The recent `Technology for Education' grant, for instance, allowed us for the first time to meet face to face with students and their parents and hear what's working, what they need and what more can be done. This was a tremendous, positive opportunity for us to get needed feedback from those we serve. This valuable information will further our endeavors to help Hispanic students around the country."

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