April 21, 2000

4th Annual 4th Council District High School Oratorical Contest Awards Ceremony

Winners in the 4th Annual 4th Council District High School Oratorical Contest will be announced at the Awards Ceremony scheduled Saturday, April 29, 2000, 6:30 p.m. at the Jacobs Center (5160 Federal Blvd., San Diego). Students from Gompers, Lincoln, Morse, SCPA and Mt. Everest Academy are competing for top honors in this speech competition.

Since October 1999, these students have been researching, analyzing and writing speeches on this year's contest topic, Should Profiling be Used to Identify Potentially Dangerous Students? 9th - 12th grade students in presenting their persuasive and thought-provoking speeches are having to weigh the issue of privacy over public safety.

All first place winners in each grade category will receive $250.00, 2nd place winners $150.00 and 3rd place winners $50.00. At the Awards Ceremony all first place winners will compete for the top honor of Standout Orator. The student achieving this recognition will receive a Millennium Award of $2,000.

Contestants for this year's competition include:
9th Graders: LaRena Woods, Gompers; Allison Gassman, Mt. Everest Academy; Miranda Gonzalez, Mt. Everest Academy

10th Graders: Antionette Woods, Gompers; Kamilah Hicks, Lincoln; Amy Thomas, Mt. Everest Academy

11th Graders: Marissa Abungan, SCPA; Stephanie Akpa, Gompers; Andrea Ducusin, Morse; Ronald Cuajunco, Morse

12th Graders: Wendell Bass III, Lincoln; Willie Green, SCPA; Precious Jackson, Lincoln; Belinda Lewis, Lincoln; Kalila Lowe, Lincoln; Nichole McIntyre, Lincoln; Bethany Moore, Morse; Rachel Thomas, Lincoln

The community and all interested parties are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.

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