April 21, 2000

Avisos Politicos......

From the desk of Loretta Sanchez (D) Congresswoman, "The Bush campaign is allowing Pete Wilson to send out negative messages attacking Democrats. This state has been deeply harmed by PROPOSITIONS 187 and 209. Wilson is now using his divisive tactics to smear the Democratic candidates. "Pete Wilson has absolutely no integrity."


John McCain calls the Section 527 "groups," the secret, tax exempt slush funds that allow GOP leaders Delay, Watts, et. al. to raise and spend unlimited political money from secret donors! This is the fund that was used to savage McCain when he was closing in on George W. Bush (without nary a peep from George).


Buyer beware! Be sure you know what is in the package before you buy into it. Carlos Olamendi, Orange County resident, has surreptitiously arisen as the National Director of the International Coalition for Mexicans. An organization supposedly lobbying for better relations between Mexico, Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Thus far he has been paraded by Republican politicos as a spokesman on political issues. Surprised? We aren't.


Republicans pushing a bill AB2574 (Assemblyman Briggs [R-Fresno]) that would automatically register young men applying for a driver's license with the Selective Service System! Ay! How about young ladies also being registered? This apply to non-citizens, rich and poor????? Sounds like an idea whose time should never have come!


Quotes best be forgotten: "(When asked why he hasn't distanced himself from the worst enemy of California's Mexican-American-Latino community, Pete Wilson, G.W. Bush responded: (why should I distance myself from Wilson?) "He is a tremendous ally. I hope he helps me get elected. I like him. He's a good guy. He made decisions as he saw fit in the state of California." What are ten million Mexican-Americans and Latinos in California chop liver?????


It's all in the "PIG BOOK": 17.7 billion of your money was spent on `porkbarrel' spending (Items snuck into the budget without approval or debate by sneaky politicos). Sample: 1.3 million in funds for peanut research in the State of Georgia (home of GOP member Jack Kingston, who just happens to be on the Agriculture Appropriations Committee)... With all this pork, how come peanuts are so expensive?? This Pork was put in the budget without being requested by the House, Senate, or the President. Kingston showing the good ale boys in Georgia he can deliver the hog jowls. (Where was the Presidential Blue Pencil on these rip offs'??????


5.7 million was penciled in Demo. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, for wood utilization research! Come on!! Since 1985, 50 million has been squandered on wood research. Just how many forests are their in the flat lands of Ohio? Of course dear little Marcy just happens to be on the Appropriations subcommittee ranking member! Pssst Mr. President where was the blue pen again? Lost it? You wonder why we are trillions in debt?

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