April 20, 2001



Ese La Prensa rifa! Day after del chisme over advertising GUNS FOR SALE on a massive billboard (two of them) in our vencidades, they were taken down by the billboard company! Gracias to la Familia who contacted El Jefito. JUST LET US KNOW GENTE when you see algo mal!


Señor Pedro Navarro learned a hard lesson: If you're gonna write a book and bad mouth a district...Don't come back and try to run for office in that district (district 6) ! Los votantes slammed him for it!


Councilman George Stevens can't run for re-election next go around. (Gracias a Dios) ...Stevens turned out to be the biggest disappointment to Raza. After they supported him El Señor Stevens turned his back on them. Ofendio many Chicano leaders who really believed in the "Rainbow Coalition" NO MAS! They're stuck with los gringos, La Raza freed from having to carry the Black burden.


Que esta pasando with the Otay Municipal Water District? First Jaime Bonilla somehow hornswaggled to be elected as member and Board Chairman. Then Bonilla acts like he is a member of the Tijuana Water Board and wants to be a Casique and run the Water District like his personal Fiefdom. Things are not going good ..Perhaps the County Supervisors should look and see what is going on...IT IS YOUR DISTRICT WATER BOARD!

PREGUNTA: What qualified the "Hamburger King" Matillo Camarrillo to be the General Manager of the Otay Water Board? What experience does he have running a water district?

PREGUNTA: In another suspicious deal why was Robert Griego , Board Chair of the Sweetwater Union High School District selected to be their General Manager (same question as above)?

Pregunta: Why did Griego citing conflict of interest as he was planning to run for the Chula Vista City Council? Didn't he or the Board know that before they hired him?

PREGUNTA: Why did the Otay Water Board turn right around and give Señor Bob Griego a $100,000 contract as a Consultant???? Just what qualified him as an expert in WATER matters? And what happened to the conflict of interest issue?

PREGUNTA: Why was the Public Notice, to fill the position vacated by former Board Member Mark Walton, on March 22 not legally published until April 13, 2001 and cited April 16 as the filing date??? (Note Apr. 13 was Good Friday, Apr 16 was the Monday immediately after Easter????) The appointment need not be made. The Board has a quorum and therefore can carry on its business until the next scheduled election!

Este Indio thinks the water district is fouled by smelly odors coming from the headquaters.


Chula Vista Elementary School District Superintendent, Libby Gill, one of three finalist for Denver school post. Too bad Gill never talked with La Prensa. Denver Hispanic group (LARACA) called el Jefe asking his opinion of Gill!!! Talked for about a half-hour about things like the firings of five principals, charter schools, the super's management style, support the "minority" schools received, etc. etc. etc...


As the Centro Churns: Don't know if anybody has noticed but the Centro's (Centro Cultural de la Raza) doors have been closed ever since it was flooded, for the second time, by busted water pipes. No money for repairs (you can blame the Padres for that one, all TOT monies going for the ballpark leaves none for cultural centers). Supposedly the Centro has embarked on a fundraising effort???

Guadalupe Corona is out as president of the Board at the Centro and Art Rivera is in. On the other side of the ledger the Save Our Centro Coalition is fuming that their web site has been kicked off their Yahoo site. Something about copyright infringements. Hell, I thought that the Centro belonged to the community and isn't it funded through our tax monies, how can you copyright what belongs to the community????

For those who care the new web site for Save Our Centro Coalition is: http://www.calacapress.com/centrowatch.

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