April 19, 2002

2002 San Diego Urban League Career Fair Comes at a Perfect Time for Area’s Under-and Unemployed

Anyone looking for a job - whether a recently laid off executive or ex-offender- can find a new opportunity at the 2002 San Diego Urban League career Fair.

The event, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, at Golden Hall’s San Diego Concourse (202 “C” Street), is a unique community effort put on with the help of corporate volunteers whose mission is to address real employment needs in the San Diego area.

“Our career fair is like none other in San Diego. It is in every way a pure community effort, a non-profit annual event put on by volunteers from the city’s major employers and staffed by human resources professionals who are looking for people to fill vacancies at all levels,” said Career Fair Chairperson Barbara E. Webb, San Diego Urban League Employment and Training Department. “Despite the fact that unemployment has not hit San Diego the way it has affected other U.S. cities, it has impacted some of the city’s lower income communities disproportionately. For many in San Diego, our career fair is coming at a perfect time.”

“The kinds of jobs that will be available through the 2002 career fair reflect the kind of employment diversity that makes San Diego unique,” Webb said. “For example, in addition to hoping to fill positions for various professional and non-professional administrative openings, a number of high-tech participants will be on the look out for engineers with very backgrounds in very specialized areas.”

The 13th annual career fair is one of many employment resources available through the San Diego Urban League. Others include: work skills classes; basic education preparation; technology training’ “attitudinal transformation” workshops; an employment information and referral bank; refugee training; welfare-to-work programs; and employment services designed for older worker and young people.

More than 100 employers expect to attract 5,000-7,000 potential employees to fill executive, management, professional, technical, administrative, clerical, trade and apprenticeship openings across the county. Employers will represent area companies in fields as diverse as high tech, medical, education, construction and management consulting. In addition to hiring for current openings, the employers will collect resumes for future positions and provide free advice to people looking for new jobs and career opportunities.

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