April 19, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks...

Q-Vo Gente Suave de ambos lados de la frontera. Que gacho, no se puede pasar al norte sin encontrar pura Chota maltratándonos. Este Indio thinks that if they got rid of the Mexican cops it might be safer pa’ ir al Norte!

Is it safer with the Coyotes? Or is it safer to ride a bike across la línea? Nomás estoy vacilando, gente... El Cónsul de Mexico en San Diego is going to make it safer (es lo que dice) by selling I.D cards to the undocumented aliens... (La Chota doesn’t care. They know if they arrest Los Ilegales the dour matrons of La Jolla will have them all fired!) Orale, whose going to “mow de lawns”.

Verano (summer) is here, party time para los gringos! Pero, (but) for the trabajadores de Tijuas and points south, es tiempo to head for the Imperial Valley, Kern and King counties to pick the crops. They will have their cook outs by the King and Kern Rivers or the polluted aguas of the Great American canal. Not mucho fun though... That’s how they cook all their meals during crop picking seasons. Having a little vino makes it a fun thing by the Rio!

Cuidado when the “Onion” hypes up a Latino/Latina, it ususally means que es vendido/a! Que estraño que the latest poster girl Lorene Gonzalez has never had time to meet with the Chicano (political wise) media! Of course, gente, el Padrino de Gonzalez is Cruz Bustamente el Lt. Governor. Both these dudes only have time to jugar con the social agencies who have to beg for dinero from the Government. Dice el Jefito que pase a platicar. Nos interesa saber que es su política.

De Aquí y Allá

Ward Connerly who is trying to put another Initative (The Race Qualification Initiative) that will be harmfull to Mexican-Latino and Black interests, has refused to say who or whom paid the million dollars to pay for the Initiative signature gatherers. The MAN can always buy vendidos whether Black or Brown to sell our their gente.

Gracias to MALDEF, California Common Cause, League of Women Voters, Californians for Justice Education Fund, Lawyers Committed for Civil Rights, and Greenlining Institute for joining in the effort to force Connerly say who REALLY is behind this racist issue!

PREGUNTA: Could it be PADRES owner John Moores, who was outed as holding a fund raiser for Connerly?

Edward James Olmos was caught on tape by La Prensa San Diego representative delivering a public lecture at the “Latino Book & Family Festival” at the Convention Center stating “We Hate the White People”... HijoleVato, que pasó... Lost your cool? Lucky break, the place was nearly empty. Not too many folks attended the Book Fair.

Gracias CTA (California Teachers Association ) for designating La Prensa San Diego to win the 2001 John Swett Award for Media Excellence in Education Reporting! La Prensa San Diego was the only Chicano-Mexican-Latino newspaper in the State to be selected!

Hasta la próxima.

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