April 19, 2002


Democrats Come to Life, Leadership Sorely Missed

Al Gore bites the bullet and comes on strong at the Florida Democratic Convention. Like a breath of fresh air, former Vice President Al Gore provided what has been missing from the political scene in this nation: a loyal opposition to the stultifying verbiage emanating from the White House. The ineptitude, from the George Bush White House has gone on long enough without a challenge.

If anything these last few months have shown us how much this country needs a political system akin to the British. It’s a shame that politics has to be a zero-sum game where only one side wins and the opposition is removed from any relevant role in the running of the government. The inexperienced, incompetent individuals that President Bush surrounded himself with have become a total embarrassment to the country. A sitting opposition shadow government in the Congress as in the British system would have challenged the ignorant actions that the Bush administration has burden the country with.

As the loyal leader of the opposition, Al Gore and the former members of the Cabinet and major offices could have brought to the floor the necessary challenges to the “Texas cowboy” diplomacy of the Bush administration. Perhaps, this country would not have been on the way to becoming the laughing stock of the world as it is now.

May we be bold to ask Former Vice President Al Gore to form a shadow administration, to publicly challenge the President and his inept cowboys, that he has appointed, to defend their actions before they destroy our country? He could start by debating the rational on his illegal “war” on terrorism that is bankrupting the country and solving nothing. He is leading the country into a no-win situation that is about to drag our country into World War III!

For starters, the country would like to know: When was it OK for the President to usurp the CONSTITUTION and wage war without the consent of Congress? What we have is a defacto dictatorship no better than any Banana-Republic Junta.

Mr. Gore you could easily make the case that the country is no longer a Democracy. What we have is a despotism control by giant corporations who care little about our country. It is obscene that money-grubbing mega corporations can control our executive branch of government and have them run the country for their benefit and not for the people of America.

Well, Mr. Gore, as you can see, some folks out here in California are just a mite worried over what is happening. We pray and hope that you and your brain trust can come up with some good questions and answers for those boys at the Bush Corral before it’s too late for our nation.

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