April 16, 2004

MACUILXOCHITL: Five Flower,” the Aztec god of music and dance

Los Tigres Del Norte Release New CD “Pacto De Sangre”

By Francisco Ciriza

Norteño scene veterans, Los Tigres Del Norte, continue in their role as the peoples’ band. Their new release on Fonovisa Records entitled “Pacto De Sangre” contains fourteen new songs and debuted atop Billboard Magazine’s ‘Top Latin Albums’ list according to data from Nielsen SoundScan for the week ending the 17th of April, 2004.

The new disc again demonstrates the band’s ability to compose high quality Norteño-styled tunes with precision chops and hooks, as well as continue their role as social commentators providing heartfelt insights and details from current news headlines. The CD’s title is a tribute to the group’s reciprocal devotion to it’s loyal fans. The topical material serves to further illustrate and cement that bond. The group’s repertoire of songs mostly denounces drama and angst while at the same time characterizing the hope and ever-optimistic outlook of the Spanish speaking Mexican community in general.

The first single from “Pacto De Sangre” “José Pérez León”, has all ready gained high rotation status on many Norteño radio stations. This corrido serves as a tribute to the throngs of Mexican immigrants in search of the American dream, which all too often ends in death and misery somewhere in a lonely desert.

Perhaps the most moving if not haunting moment on the disc comes in the form of the song “Las Mujeres De Juarez”. The song refers to the murders of over three hundred women that continue unsolved in the northern city in Chihuahua. The band exhibits its strong voice by calling the phenomenon “una vergüenza nacional” or “national embarrassment.” The group goes a step further in demanding justice and sincere and effective effort to solve the crimes.

Continuing an industry trend, the band and its label are including a DVD in this “Special Edition” release as an added bonus for fans. The DVD includes two never before seen videos made especially for this package. The videos are for the songs “José Pérez León” y “No Tiene La Culpa El Indio.”

A complete package overall with strong songs, high quality musicianship and top-notch design and packaging, “Pacto De Sangre” is a product worthy of both a talented and dedicated group of musicians and singers and it’s adoring and loyal followers.

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