April 16, 2004


President Vows to Continue War in Iraq At Any Cost!

Señor Presidente, perhaps, you would have been more correct to have said: “The war in Iraq will continue no matter how many, poor and middle class servicemen, are killed.” Or, have you not noticed that the children of the wealthy once again are “missing” in action. The children of the “elite” once again get a free ride. But that isn’t new. From the time of the founding of this nation, the children of the “privileged class”, with some notable exceptions, are exempt from military service. Their wealthy, powerful parents either bought the privileged for their children to not serve or they paid for others to serve in their place.

In this time and age, paying someone to serve and fight America’s wars is unthinkable, or is it. Why is their no universal draft any longer? A draft of all males and females, 18 years or older, would level the playing field. If all would serve, we might have enough troops to win the war! The children of the privileged would be forced to place their lives on the line for what ever expedient reason our “governing rulers” felt were justified, be it for oil, land, or territory. All draft age citizens would be forced to serve be they poor, middle class, or wealthy.

Have you wondered why the wealthy Barons of this nation, the politically powerful, and the elitiest upper class all pushed for the creation of an “all volunteer, well paid military establishment a.k.a. a professional paid force”? The concept would appeal to the poor, the middle class unemployed, and the professional military elites. The youth of the privileged classes were provided a means to avoid placing their lives at risk. Those who had little or no opportunity to have and live a productive life under the “Corporate” control of America would flock to join a high paying elite professional military with a future.

Did it work? Iraq is proving that it isn’t. Not enough of America’s youth are willing to volunteer. The armed forces have to fight a war with thousands of civilian National State Guardsman who are minimally trained to fight a war on land, air or sea. If our President is an example of how well they train the Air National Guard it s clear that we are risking our country by entering into a war we cannot win. America is not prepared to wage a massive land war!

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