April 14, 2000

"Academy Night"

Learn About Some of the Most Prestigious Universities in the Country

The United States Coast Guard will be hosting "Academy Night" on Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 6:30 p.m. at the Bayside Conference Center (Bldg. 623), aboard the former Naval Training Center (NTC). Representatives from some of the finest universities in America: United States Naval Academy (USNA - Annapolis, MD), United States Coast Guard (USCG - New London, CT), United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA - Kings Point, NY), United States Air Force Academy (USAFA - Colorado Springs, CO), and the United States Military Academy (USMA - West Point, NY); will be on hand to answer questions and distribute information on academy qualifications to prospective students.

Academy Night will begin with a brief concert by the Marine Corps Band, then appearance by Medal of Honor recipient Col. Robert J. Modrzejew-ski (USMC Ret.), congressional representatives, and academy alumni. Local cadets and midshipmen will share their experiences and present a real life account of their day to day life in the academy.

A military academy applicant need not be a straight "A" student or a three-sport captain, but must have the desire to excel, the willingness to serve others, and confidence in his or her ability to be a leader. The academies provide cadets and midshipmen full payment of tuition, books, a monthly stipend while attending school, medical and dental care, and the opportunity for worldwide travel. Each school offers a wide variety of academic majors, varsity athletics, music. exchange programs, religious opportunities, and recreational events. In return, a graduate is required to serve as an officer in the armed forces.

"For students considering a challenging and meaningful experience in college, please consider this final incentive. As a cadet or midshipman, you will meet and form lasting friendships with some of the best, brightest and most committed young people in America. The opportunity to share with your peers the joys and challenges of attending these military schools is a privilege few experience. Just come and talk to Medal of Honor recipient Col. Modrze-jeweski and the other academy alumni attending Academy Night to learn about this esteemed opportunity first hand," Bilbray concluded.

All outstanding students with leadership potential are encouraged to attend this very special event. If you have any questions regarding Academy Night, please contact Maria Bowie in Representative Bilbray's office at (619) 291-1430.

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