April 14, 2000

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Elian Should be Sent Home With His Father

When I was younger and worked as a merchant seaman, I traveled to many countries. I have known Chilenos, who fought against Pinochet when he ruled Chile with an iron hand. I would ask them why they didn't leave Chile and go to the U.S. to live a life of freedom. Their response always was: "This is my country and I will stay and fight for it."

I also had friends in Argentina when the government was making people disappear, often dropping them off the coast into the ocean. Asked the same question, their answer was: "I am an Argentine and will stay and fight for my country."

The Cubans are different. When Batista was defeated, they took their hatred of Castro and left Cuba to establish businesses in Miami. I never met a Cuban who would stay in Cuba and fight for his country.

Here in the U.S. the Cubans think they owe the State of Florida. They show how brave they are by holding a six-year old child captive.

If the Cubans in Miami had any pride, they would stop their disruptive tactics and let the father of that young boy go back to Cuba with his son without any further displays of arrogance and ignorance!

Thomas Martinez
Chula Vista, Ca.

2nd Annual Chicano Park Clean Up Day

This year MEChA Central de San Diego announces is second annual Chicano Park Clean Up Day, for Sunday April 16. We have already received paint donations and have organized all our chapters in San Diego County to help remove all of the graffiti and trash in Chicano Park (located in Logan Heights).

Aurelio Salazar, Jr.
MEChA Central de
San Diego, Coordinator

(For further info call 1-619-594-6541)

Enlisted Men Not Only Ones Doing It!

Yet another sexual-groping charge is filed against a military man. This time the charges were filed against a General, Maj. Gen. Larry G. Smith, who probably had the shortest promotion in military history!

The accuser is Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy which means the enlisted men aren't the only ones that "do it." They "do it" at the top, too.

That is about the only humor that one can find in this continuing sad-saga in our military. Could this character assassination, by allegation, been handled in a more discreet manner? Once the accusation is made of a high ranking-officer, true or not, he's toast! It is all over for him.

To have this kind of continual disruption (sexual harassment) in the military brings to mind a prophetic statement of President Abe Lincoln: "The only way this great country will ever be divided is from within!"

Michel Zerbel
Santee, Ca.

Educational encounters of the 3rd rate kind

When Governor G.W. Bush was boasting to California voters about his reforms of the Texas Public Schools, did he happen to mention that his amendments to the Texas Education Code authorizes three types of graduatingf degrees? The "Distinguish" Program requires harder and diverse courses then the "Recommended" Program. The "Minimum Program," is designed for students with learning and other disabilities only requires 22 credits to graduate (about two years of high school courses).

Last year (1999) 91.3 percent of all Texas graduates received high school degrees through the "Minimal Requirements Program!" Only 8.7% of the graduating students received them through the "Recommended" and "Distinguish" Programs!

In other words 9 out of 10 graduates from public schools in Texas received only one half of the education required of most students in all other states!

Gov. Bush's education reforms do not leave any one Texas child behind; they leave almost all Texas students behind students in the rest of the nation!

Ken Bley
Southlake Texas

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