April 13, 2001


While SDG&E, our supposed provider of energy has busily been raising our prices and screaming poverty, it's owner Sempra Energy announces it had revenues of $7 billion! SEMPRA has over 9 million customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and Asia!


Pregunta: How come San Diego doesn't pull the franchise that gave monopoly power to SDG&E for providing power to San Diego? How could SDG&E sell out to SEMPRA? (READ: turn over the franchise to SEMPRA. Did our city fathers approve of this???)


Pregunta: How come SEMPRA can `break ground' for a $500 million, 1,200 megawatt facility in Maricopa County (Arizona) but you can't build a campfire in San Diego county? Hummmmm perhaps they plan to sell that energy to San Diego at their "outrageous prices?"


They're at it again Gente. Los Bueyes from the SIERRA CLUB are at it again! They want to blame all the problems of over -population, pollution, destruction of the environment, the loss of all fish & game etc., etc., on the IMMIGRANTS i.e. Latinos, Mexicans. A proposal has been sent to the membership to go on record as opposing immigration! The results will be known this month.


QUE HACER? Get a hold of your favorite environmentalist SIERRA club member and give him a lesson in Chicano Studies 1A on the 2 billion Chinese who are over populating the world!


The City of the Angels giving a political lesson in the race for Mayor.

Lesson #1 _ Anglo politicians unable to shift gears on new dynamics. They still paint and see political action only from a black & white dynamic.


Lesson #2 — Anglos still refuse to acknowledge the growing power and raw numbers of Latino voters.

Antonio Villaraigosa received 30% of the vote (Latino, Jewish, Union, Catholic vote.)

James Hahn received only 25% of the vote (Mostly conservative white and black voters.) Both will be in the runoff for mayor. Other candidates siphoned 45% of the vote. Latino vote split between Villaraigosa and Rep Xavier Becerra, who drew 17% of the Hispanic vote. The war will be fought in the conservative leaning San Fernando to determine who will be the next mayor.


Councilman George Stevens who somehow convinced the other "ditto head" on the San Diego Council to eliminate the term "MINORITY" from the City Hall lexicon will be on the Bill Maher hot seat on ABC television show "Politically Incorrect" Friday night at midnight. If you're interested in seeing Stevens squirm, tune in!


De Aqui y Alla . . .

Some Chula Vistans feeling uptight over judging in the Miss Chula Vista Pageant. The fix is in: There's questions as to why the majority of judges also judged last year (maybe their kid didn't win last year.) Some upset that the most important aspects of representing Chula Vista, such as reading, writing, or being able to speak in public, were overlooked. How about it Mayor Shirley Horton? (Horale gente lighten up. Beauty is what a beauty contest is all about!)


2000 people expected to show up at la frontera to protest NAFTA-FREE TRADE extension expansion. 21st Saturday is the date: High noon is the hour. All you folks with a free Saturday meet at Larson Park. This show is being put on by Global Exchange from San Francisco.


Memo to our Nicaraguenses: Lic. Dora Maria Telles, presidential candidate, will speak Monday, April 23, 2001 at 7:00 pm in the Manchester Conference Center Auditorium, University of San Diego. Her topic will be on Nicaragua: Immigration and Society. The talk will be in Spanish. The talk is free and open to the public. U.S.D. is located at 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego.

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